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                    12th July 2007

1.    Onedin Line researchers

2.    Will the real Philostrate please stand up!

3.    The History Boys tonight

4.    Scarecrows for fun!

5.    LiDL on the way

6.    Is your business  in Dartmouth?

7.    Small News

1.   Onedin Line researchers

The Onedin Line was a popular BBC television drama series that ran from 1971 to 1980 and made 91 episodes.  Set in 1860 in Liverpool, the majority of the filming was at Bayards Cove in Dartmouth.  Featuring Anne Stallybrass who first appeared in 'Emergency Ward 10' in 1965, Peter Gilmore who was in the early TV series 'Ivanhoe' in 1958, and Jane Seymour who stared in the Bond film Live And Let Die in 1973, it has quite a following of loyal fans.

Two of those fans, Marianne van Hilten-Buitenhuis of The Netherlands  and Diana Rollings of South London were visiting Dartmouth last weekend.  Despite the distance between them, the women have become good friends,  sharing a mutual interest in the famous series. They met a few years ago through eBay when they were bidding against each other for Onedin Line memorabilia of which they are both ardent collectors. They are hoping to  return to Dartmouth next year for a longer holiday with their families. They have set up a web site dedicated to Peter  Gilmore and Ann Stallybrass, with much information about the Onedin Line.

2.     Will the real Philostrate please stand up!

Dartmouth Shakespeare Week has, in the past, featured one or two local personalities in its plays. But this year, for A Midsummer Night’s Dream, they have gone one stage further.

Director Malcolm MacIntosh approached no less than five well-known Dartmouth personalities with the novel idea of asking them to perform the same part on five different nights. All five jumped at the suggestion, and are now busy learning their lines for a ‘one night only’ performance.

They are all playing the part of Philostrate, who is a kind of ‘master of revels’ for the Duke, and the week kicks off with Nigel Way MBE performing on the opening night, Tuesday 31 July. This is followed by councillor Hilary Bastone on Wednesday, Mike Jones from Sax Appeal on Thursday, the flamboyant Simon Drew on Friday, and ending with the owner of Spice Bazaar, Shahar Lashkar, who will give an Eastern flavour to Saturday’s performance.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream will be performed in the open air at Dartmouth Castle from Tuesday 31 July to Saturday 4 August at 7.30pm. Tickets available from Dartmouth Tourist Information Centre:  01803 834224

Why not come down for the weekend, or even this weekend, the sun is hot, the beer is warm, and the lager ice cold!  For self catering click here,  for B&B click here,  for Hotels click here For a Tourist Guide to Dartmouth click here.

3.    The History Boys  tonight

Rob Bird reports:  Our film for Thursday 12th July is The History Boys - the big screen version of Alan Bennett's stage play.

A class of gifted teenage boys charm and wisecrack their way through the summer of 1983 as two very different teachers steer them towards their Oxbridge exams. The wonderful Richard Griffiths as Hector inspires his pupils in the classroom. Every moment Griffiths is on screen is a delight. Francis De La Tour, as his friend and colleague Mrs Lintott, is an equally muscular presence on screen.

Guest tickets available at The Windjammer 7.30-7.55 at £3.50
Our bar at The Guildhall is open at 7.30 - the film to be shown at 8pm approx.

4.    Scarecrows for fun!

Sally from Woodlands reports:  July 22nd Scarecrow Day.  Opening of the Big New Fun Farm and raising funds for Bidwell Brook Special School.

Make a scarecrow (over 1 metre) & bring to live in the Fun Farm and get Free entry for 2 people.  Dress up as a scarecrow and 1 person gets half price entry.  Scarecrow competitions & games to win mountain bikes & ipods!

The U-Drive Tractor Ride is the best of its kind in the world.  Families can interact with the tractors not just by pressing noise buttons but by controlling the accelerator either speeding round the 260m track or taking their time to admire the Scarecrow Village we have created from stuff other people have thrown away

5.      LiDL on the way  


Paying their store assistants up to £7.80 an hour, LiDL are storming into Dartmouth as these photographs show.  Hoping to have their store open by Regatta this year will mean a new concept in shopping for Dartmouth.  The Dartmouth dot TV Crew explored the Torquay branch and were able to buy fresh coffee beans, a whole salami, pastrami, specialist cheeses,  stuffed olives, spices to die for and the very best  high quality food Germany is renowned for.  We may not recognise some of the brands, but the quality is über cool, and the prices very low.  This is not just a supermarket......

6.   Is your business  in Dartmouth?

Our website is one of the most popular in South Devon.  Our newsletter is read by 2,000+ subscribers and many, many more directly on the web

Obviously we cannot do this for free, it's not fair on us, so at the end of this month everyone will still get their free listing (providing your website links to us), but without the photographs.  We will be making a small service charge of just £40 + VAT a year for the photographs, much less than anyone else, and for arguably the best web site in Dartmouth? 

If you leave it to the last day we will have a big backlog and your listing will disappear, so may we suggest you put your business on the paid up list now!  Check out this link soon click here.

7.     Small News  

  • Glen Jordan is 24 tomorrow, happy birthday!  (Lance Bombardier Glen Jordan - 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery) is serving with The British Army in Iraq, at Basra.  Glen was hoping to return to his home in Dartmouth in time for Regatta, however his leave has been cancelled......

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