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   Dartmouth News                 22nd February 2007 


1.    Spring in Dartmouth

2.    Attention all dog owners!

3.    Your own website?

4.    Memories of Dartmouth

5.   Film Society TONIGHT!

6.    A new Town Crier?

7.    Small News



1.    Spring in Dartmouth

Spring is here as shown by these flowers in The Royal Avenue Gardens this Sunday. Dartmouth is on average 2 degrees centigrade warmer that most of the UK and a lot warmer than the North of England!  We have primroses and daffodils in bloom already.

You might want to come for a short break and visit our fine shops, bars, restaurants and the river?  For Self catering click here,  for B&B click here,  for Hotels click here For a Tourist Guide to Dartmouth click here.

2.     Attention all dog owners!

Is your dog always the best behaved in town? He is? then don't read on! However if your K9 doesn't always say "Yes Master", then maybe the Westexe  Dog Training School is 4U! Beginner classes start in St Clement's Church Hall, Townstal Road on Tuesday 20th March. Places are limited so contact Sue Neale (BIPDT) on 01392 433489 or 07766  462012 to book one 4U and your K9.

Elisabeth Sladen who played Sarah Jane Smith in Dr Who, is seen here in the Royal Avenue Gardens with K9 in 1975, filming a never shown episode of Dr Who entitled 'The Seeds of Doom'.


3.   Your own website?

Last week, at we talked about 'free' websites that cost £300 a year.  We found another 'free £300 website' of a Dartmouth company this week, when we looked at it, we were greeted with a 'Windows Security Alert', and an unwanted 'pop up' window advertising nothing at all to do with Dartmouth and wholly inappropriate.  Worse still our computer was infected with Spyware  as an  iLead.  We can trap this; but your customers probably cannot. Is this how you want to appear to your customers?  no of course not!  Even if you have chosen the wrong supplier, or have a name but have done nothing with it, then our offer still stands.   Or, if you have nothing at all:

A website for £150, exactly as we say, nothing more, nothing less and nothing complicated.  

An example is Ferry View, how many Ferry Views are there in Dartmouth, in the World??  Look up Ferry View in Google, not the UK, but the whole World, it is number 3 or 4 on the first page! Click here to see it.  Do you like it?  Fancy something different?  Fancy something really quick to grab this season? 

We will do everything, register your new name, host the site, build the site, maintain the site, everything.  And all for £150, we have a proven track record for getting you bookings.  Your new site can link into the TIC or any agency you are using.

If you'd like to discuss Dartmouth dot TV building you a web site (or refreshing your existing one), call us on 01803 833366 or click here.

4.    Memories of Dartmouth

Taken from another of Ray Freeman's most excellent books 'Dartmouth A New History of the Port and its People'  Look carefully, very carefully, does Foss street really have water 'both' sides of it? 

5.   Film Society TONIGHT!

Three times Cannes winner, HIDDEN (Caché) is a powerful, provocative look at guilt, trust, responsibility and paranoia, played with unnerving suspense by its brilliant cast.

The Paris-set drama plays with levels of reality right from the start. It opens with a seemingly innocuous shot of a street which turns out to be footage from one of several mysterious and unnerving video tapes sent to bourgeois couple Georges and Anne Laurent (Daniel Auteuil and Juliette Binoche). Georges can't imagine who is sending the tapes, but scrawled drawings that accompany some of them begin to trigger memories of his childhood, particularly of a shameful incident involving an Algerian boy.

And so the film begins to methodically unravel the many meanings of the title: here are hidden cameras, hidden secrets and people of colour who might as well be hidden for all the notice that wealthy white people like Georges and Anne take of them.

Guest tickets are available from The Windjammer 7.30-7.55 at £3.50 Our bar is open at The Guildhall from 7.30. The film to be shown at 8pm approx.

6.     A new Town Crier?

Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, let it be known that Dartmouth Town Council, The Chamber of Trade, and the Tourist Information Centre are considering a new Town Crier, a good man has volunteered and we think this would be great for Dartmouth. 

Music Festival, Regatta, Food Festival, Farmers Markets, the ideas go on and on.

We used to have an outstanding man, do you think Dartmouth should have one? Let us know by replying to this e-mail.



7.     Small News

  • There is no short news this week, again!!

Caption competition!  Enter here.
And please, we already rejected "I should never have had that crab sandwich in Torquay"


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