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   Dartmouth News                 25th January 2007 


1.    The Cave of the Yellow Dog  Tonight!!

2.    Who wants to be a millionaire?

3.    Another Dartmouth book?

4.    Memories of Dartmouth

5.   Shipwrecks in the night

6.    Small News

1.   The Cave of the Yellow Dog  Tonight!!

Rob Bird reports: The Cave of the Yellow Dog is a gorgeous, haunting follow-up to The Story Of The Weeping Camel. Like her previous film, director Byambasuren Davaa intentionally blurs the line between documentary and fictional filmmaking.

Whilst taking a walk, six-year-old Nansaa finds a little black-and-white spotted dog in a cave along the cliffs. She names him "Zochor" (or 'Spot' in English) and takes him home with her. But her father tells her to get rid of him because wild dogs attack the sheep. When her father goes on a long trip, Nansaa keeps the little dog, who becomes her trusted companion. One day she loses track of him in the tundra and while searching for him encounters an old Nomad woman, who tells her the legend of the cave of the yellow dog The Cave of the Yellow Dog is heartfelt and uplifting film without ever becoming trite. The combination of effortless performances and sumptuous cinematography are combined to create a humble gem.

Our bar at The Guildhall is open tonight from 7.30pm. The film is to be shown at approx 8.00pm
Guest tickets will be available from The Windjammer 7.30-7.55 at £3.50

2.     Who wants to be a millionaire?

It's winter, the fires are roaring in the pubs, we all dream a little.  Those of us who are lucky enough to live in Dartmouth ponder on the really nice full sized houses on Mount Boone, but even if Mr Way would sell, we can't afford it.  Others just want a foot on the ladder.  Some remember when a second home was affordable, but the world has moved on, and let's be honest, we all want to see what is available. So as there is little news from Dartmouth in the winter, and whilst we are all in the pub telling tall tales, and contemplating bracing walks at Slapton (top picture), here to delight you is a new series of property profiles.  Thanks to Nigel Way for the idea and to David Freeborn for kicking it off with this first rather nice house.

Schooner House is set on the sought after Ridge Hill enjoying fantastic river views from most rooms overlooking Dartmouth and Kingswear. The property is beautifully presented and south facing having undergone complete renovation approx 6 years ago. The accommodation includes reception hall, utility room, sitting room/dining room, master bedroom suite to include a terrace. Fitted kitchen/breakfast room, three further bedrooms one of them being en-suite, a family bathroom, delightful gardens, terraces and balconies and a double length garage. Asking price £1,250,000 Click on the images for the full particulars.

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3.   Another Dartmouth book?

The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips by Michael Morpurgo

A good read for children and cat lovers everywhere, Michael Morpurgo's book tells the story of a little girl's courageous search for her beloved cat  left behind when the family was forced to leave their home in Slapton (top picture) during the practices for the D Day landings in 1943. It shows some of the hardships which those families faced and the sadness for many, but like all good stories it has a strange and happy ending. Definitely worth reading.  Thanks to Richard Webb for the review copy.

4.    Memories of Dartmouth

From 'Changing Dartmouth' kindly on loan from Lucy at The Compass Book Shop.

5.   Shipwrecks in the night

Dave Cawley reports:  Remarkably people from America, the land of opportunity and where nowhere else exists on most TV news, have actually been reporting the Napoli and Lyme Regis!  I remember growing up as a child in Portreath North Cornwall; before getting the school bus we used to beachcomb for old cork, however this puts an entirely new meaning on the activities, never did we dream we might find a motor bike!

The Sidmouth Herald reports:  Containers have littered Branscombe beach with debris and attracted looters from all over the country. As a five-mile oil slick headed towards Lyme Regis, residents could only look on and wonder how much of an impact the Napoli disaster will have on their brand new beach. Experts have tried to reassure the public, saying the escaped oil is low grade. Oil tanker Force Fisher was yesterday due to start pumping 3,500 tonnes of remaining fuel oil from the stricken container ship. The operation is expected to take about a week.

Kevin Pyne wrote this to provide a counterpoint:
And there comes a present from the sea
(a west countrymanís proclamation)

The lord he moves in the strangest ways
Or so it seems to be
And some times if it pleases him
He sends us ďa little bounty from the seaĒ

Now I am Westcountry born
And never was there more honest a soul then me
But I have to say
ďThat if something floats in on the tideĒ
Then I see it as ďa present from the seaĒ

Whether itís wrong or whether itís right
Itís always been the same
And if Iíve a mind to carry it home
After Iíve it found washed up fare and square
ďFrom then on ďit bares my nameĒ

It may seem strange to them city folk
But itís not strange to me
Because if it were my father or his fathers father
To which a ship gave up its cargo
It would have been the same you see!

Itís a poor show and rum one
When the beggars canít let us be
And wonít let us collect presents
Like our ancestors did
From the great benevolent generous sea!

And even if those shiny policemen
Dressed all up in yellow Day-Glo
Say ďaye aye whatís your gameĒ
I shall say ďwhere were you at other times
When it is we needed you
And why didnít you turn up the sameĒ!

If itís washed up, itís for picking up!

6.     Small News

  • Burns Night TONIGHT  The Royal Castle Hotel and The George and Dragon to name a couple of bars are having a do tonight, see you there?

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Winter in Dartmouth

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