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                    26th July 2007


1.    The flowers of Dartmouth

2.    Dartmouth Museum DVD

3.    A better and safer Station for Dartmouth?

4.    The Earl of Pembroke visits Dartmouth

5.    Macmillan Fete

6.    Love and Passion in Dartmouth

7.    B&B or Self Catering in Dartmouth?

8.    Small News



1.   The flowers of Dartmouth

We have the river, we have 14 bars, we have World Class restaurants, but do we have flowers?  Yes we do!  Dartmouth is a fantastic place, look carefully at every one of the 30 the images below, can you name every shop?

Why not come down for the weekend?   The sun is hot, the beer is warm, and the lager ice cold!  For self catering click here,  for B&B click here,  for Hotels click here For a Tourist Guide to Dartmouth click here.

2.     Dartmouth Museum DVD

Carol LIngard reports:  First Ray Freemanís book - 'Dartmouth and its Neighbours' - and now the DVD! Last Wednesday the Museumís own DVD was also launched. As well as a Virtual Tour of the Museum, it has chapters on the history of the town - also by Ray Freeman - and on its social history, on William Henley, on its more famous inhabitants and others including Dartmouthís contribution to two World Wars and to the trade that made the town rich in previous centuries.

ĎDartmouth and its Museumí is a masterpiece of filming, using the Museumís own artefacts to illustrate the varied and colourful story of our town and all narrated by local people. With a number of quite short chapters, none exceeding 10 minutes or so, it will grab your attention and show how this small town and its harbour have fitted into just about every part of Englandís and Britainís history.

The DVD is available from the Harbour Bookshop and from the Museum at £9.99. But why not join the Dartmouth Museum Association (£5 per year for an individual and £8 for a couple) and get your DVD at the members' price of £5 and actually become part of the organisation that helps show off some of the treasures and stories of this town of ours. Call in tomorrow!

3.    Better and safer stations from Wolverhampton to Dartmouth?

Ruth Kelly, the Labour Secretary of State for Transport made a marvellous boob during her trains' statement on Tuesday.  Ruth said that there would be ' better and safer stations from Wolverhampton to Dartmouth. Such towns and cities form the backbone of the national rail network '.

Having spoken the good name of Dartmouth in Parliament, she is duty bound to hand over a large dollop of the £150million money to the town for its railway line!  And who can honestly say that Dartmouth would spend it any less wisely than the rest of the rail network?   Thanks to Tessa de Galleani and The Daily Mail online for this story!

4.    The Earl of Pembroke visits Dartmouth

Used in Treasure Island, Frenchman's Creek and other films, The Earl of Pembroke made a gracious visit to Dartmouth and took several local people including Town Mayor Irish Pritchard and visitors out into the bay to experience a real Tall Ship!  Built in Sweden in the 40's she (or should that be he?) was a sight to see!

5.     Macmillan Fete  
Macmillan Cancer Support had a perfect summer's day for their annual fete in
the Royal Avenue Gardens on Tuesday. Plenty of people visited the stalls
selling home made cakes, bric-a-brac, books and arts and crafts and enjoyed
entertainment by the local line dance group. Organiser, Sue Wright said "We
all had a great time and raised more than £1,500, many thanks to all who
contributed and took part." Macmillan Cancer Support improves the lives of
people affected by cancer, providing practical, medical, emotional and
financial support and pushing for better cancer care. For more information


6.    Love and Passion in Dartmouth

A railway really was in Dartmouth this week!!  A labour of "Love and Passion"!  Once again a German film crew came to Dartmouth to film parts of their new Rosamund Pilcher film.  Who can blame them, what a wonderful place to 'work, rest and play', oh, and to eat and drink!

7.   B&B or Self Catering in Dartmouth?

We just don't know how to put this politely, so we will 'tell it as it is' let's all work together to Keep Dartmouth Special!!

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If you leave it to the last day we will have a backlog and your listing will disappear,  put your business on the paid up list now  click here.

We will be editing our site next week, be wise, be safe, work with us?

8.     Small News  

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