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   Dartmouth News                 3rd May 2007

1.    Music Festival

2.    Blackawton Worm Charming

3.    What A Wonderful World

4.    Keeping Dartmouth  Special

5.    Bride to be takes cookery course

6.    Tobogganing in Dartmouth?

7.    Small News


1.     Music Festival  16-20 May

Two weeks to go! 

Events in the past have been so diverse that everyone will find something to their taste.  One of our favourite bands was Ska'd for Life, producing the characteristic ' Ska 2 Tone' sound.  Their best rendering with a touch or irony, was the theme tune to Jerry Andersons 'Captain Skarlet'  

Another past event was held in the beautiful St Saviour's Church and was a brilliant International Indian musician playing to a totally bewitched audience. 

So get yourself down to the Tourist Information Centre and buy the programme?

If you don't want to miss this great event, why not come down for a short break, for self catering click here,  for B&B click here,  for Hotels click here For a Tourist Guide to Dartmouth click here.



2.    Blackawton Worm Charming

Now, we have all heard about this, but how many of us have actually been?  Well it's this Sunday, see you there?

Worm Charming is a quaint country pastime, which involves teams of three competing in a bizarre ritual to charm & extract the greatest number of worms from their dedicated one square yard patch of grassland. Favourite tools to bring the slithering beasts to the surface include questionable liquid combinations of water, beer, gravy and sugar.  The worms are brought to the surface by things which sound like rain, this results in contestants tapping and slapping various items and using musical instruments to entice the creatures to surface.

There's an element of secrecy about the festival too; nobody gets to know the actual location of the field until the day. But organisers promise it will be within easy walking distance of the village pubs, The George Inn & The Normandy.  The dress code is optional Fancy Dress with prizes for the best adult & children's team. There will be lots other interesting things taking place.  Village Day incorporates a Beer Festival and Ram Roast and lots of stalls.  All meet outside the Normandy Inn from noon.

3.    What A Wonderful World

I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

The colours of the rainbow so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces of people going by
I see friends shaking hands saying how do you do
They're really saying I love you.

I hear babies crying, I watch them grow
They'll learn much more than I'll never know
And I think to myself what a wonderful world
Yes I think to myself what a wonderful world.



Words from the immortal Louis Armstrong, and never truer than this Sunday past, when these 6 photographs were taken around Dartmouth.

As predicted last week, the bluebells are on full song right now and will be for at least another week.

Louis Armstrong must have been thinking about Dartmouth when he sang 'What A Wonderful World'

He would have enjoyed the 14 bars, the numerous World Class restaurants, the bar food in the Pubs, the river and the people of Dartmouth.

4.   Keeping Dartmouth  Special (a paid for advertorial by Cllr Cawley)

Councillor Dave Cawley reports: Today is election day!  Please take a trip to the Guildhall and vote.  You have 10 votes for the Clifton Ward and if you 'really' want 3 or 4 councillors to get back in, then vote for them only, you do not need to cast all 10 votes.  We all know Dartmouth is special, but do we do anything about it?  It is essential that we have an input into what happens, we don't want to turn into Oakhampton that was frozen in time in 1976, nor do we want to change like Brixham, and we certainly don't want to be shut in the winter like Salcombe. Ruling from Totnes (or soon Newton Abbot?) is just not good enough, we need strong and perceptive representation from here in Dartmouth.  It's time to stop blaming everyone else, and to get on with solving the problems. Some of us consider this to be of paramount importance, in the next 4 years we must not lose any more control like we did in 1974.  In the forthcoming reorganisations we could and should get more control.

We need to change with the times, but carefully and not very much, and we really do need to keep Dartmouth Special.

A vote for Dave Cawley, is a vote for Keeping Dartmouth Special.

5.    Bride to be learns how to use a rolling pin!

David and Holly had a busy week at the Cooking School last week with two different groups coming in to learn the ins and out of Italian Cooking.  The first group, a team of six managers from Cancer Research UK, chose to spend a day at the school as a team building event following their business meeting at the Royal Seven Stars in Totnes.  Ann Metcalfe, who organised the event, said, 'We rarely spend time together as a team so we always like to make the most of it when we do.  Spending a day cooking and tasting at the school made a very welcome change from barrels and planks exercises on a hotel lawn'. 

The second group came as a hen party including the bride, Lindsay, her mum, future mum in law, school friends and work colleagues.  They chose a Tuscan theme for their event.  It was a complete surprise to the bride to be, but she and the other 10 participants had a wonderful time, cooking from 10 until 2:30 then eating it all in a leisurely Mediterranean style from 2:30 until 5pm.

Both groups made Italian style breads of course, including Foccaccia, Pane di Prado (a Tuscan saltless bread) and Schiachiatta, a festival bread made with grapes to celebrate the Tuscan grape harvest.  Also on the menus were handmade pastas, Bistecca Fiorentina (chargrilled t-boned steak to you and me), griddled turbot (from Mark Lobb) with salsa verde, Minestrone soup, risotto, pasta sauces and plenty of other Italian specialities. Both groups were able to take full advantage of the wonderful spring weather as they could cook and eat outdoors on the terraces at the school and enjoy the wonderful view of the river.

If you fancy a go yourself the school has a range of fish, bread, barbecue and vegetarian courses planned throughout the summer.  You can look at their diary at www.mannafromdevon/cookingdiary.htm

6.    Tobogganing in Dartmouth?

The Bank Holiday is pure magic for all the family at Woodlands on the 14 family rides with the three exhilarating water coasters and 500m Toboggan Run voted most magic.  Spine tingling fun on the Avalanche Ride is spectacular in the Arctic Gliders Zone with sweet magic moments in Golden Bear, Polar Pilots Ride and Whistle Stop Junction, the zones for little ones away from the hectic senior commando course, bumper boats and action tracks. The Bank Holiday Monday offers even more with award winning performances by Richie and Nutty Noah. Even those who prefer to sit and watch will be tapping their feet to Father Mikes Jazz Band.

7.     Small News  

  • Art Society news, Barbara Bowers reports: On Tuesday, 15th May we have a full day workshop in Townstal Community Centre with Paul Hardy who is an expert in the use of pastels. This starts at 10am

    On Thursday, 17th May we have a demonstration by Sally Fisher who will be doing a landscape in acrylics. Again in Townstal and starting at 2pm.

    This only leaves one more painting session indoors at Townstal on the 25th May before outdoor painting begins for the summer. Details of this can be had by contacting Elizabeth de Vries on 01803 770193

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  • Images copyright Dave Cawley,  Paul Barclay & Paul Mackey

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