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   Dartmouth News                 8th February 2007 


1.    Rod 'O'' Reely

2.    Where art thou Demetrius ?

3.    HMS Westminster

4.    Memories of Dartmouth

5.   Dartmouth Civic Dinner

6.   The Breakfast Club

7.   Alan Rickman & Sigourney Weaver in Snowcake Tonight

8.    Small News &  Comedy Festival

1.    Rod 'O'' Reely

Johnny Chick, thinker, philosopher, drinker and a man of both big and small words, has opened a unique shop opposite the Cherub Inn.  Words fail us to describe this eclectic fishing tackle shop that specialises in both new and antique fishing gear.  Johnny's web site says 'Welcome to Rod O'Reely's where you will find a treasure trove of new, antique and vintage fishing tackle. We also have many other interesting, unusual and hard to find fishing related piscatoriana and original signed sporting items'  The best thing to do, is just to pop in for a chat, and yes we did find 'Fly Fishing by JR Hartley' in stock!

You might want to come for a short break and have a chat with Johnny and visit our other fine shops, bars, restaurants and the river?  For Self catering click here,  for B&B click here,  for Hotels click here For a Tourist Guide to Dartmouth click here.

2.     Where art thou Demetrius ?

Did you ever dream of appearing in a Shakespeare play?

Dartmouth Shakespeare Week’s next production will be ‘A Midsummer Night's Dream’, and director Malcolm MacIntosh is looking for a few actors/actresses to join his existing cast. In particular he is hoping to find a couple of reasonably experienced actors to play Helena & Demetrius, two of the young lovers.

But there are also a few parts still available for some of the smaller characters, and even a few members of the ‘crowd’ with no lines to remember.

So whatever your experience, (or lack of it) if you are keen to become part of the most exciting theatrical event in Dartmouth this year, give Malcolm a ring on 01803 835551.

For ‘A Midsummer Night's Dream’, there will be lots of original costumes for the fairies to be made, and he is also hoping to find some ladies to join his team of wardrobe assistants. The fairy costumes are currently being designed by specialist designers Kelly & Jacquie from Ethera shop in Dartmouth, and promise to be very exciting.

The production will take place as always in the open-air at Dartmouth Castle, and this year it will run from 31 July to 4 August, so even if you don’t take part, be sure to make a note in your diaries for these dates. This will be the fifth play to be presented by the Inn Theatre Company for Dartmouth Shakespeare Week, and to date they have played to 4,600 people, and raised over £1,000 for local charities.

3.   HMS Westminster

HMS Westminster, 463 feet long, over 30,000 horse power (that makes your 70hp outboard look a little small) and 137 crew on board, brought Commander D G Fields back to Dartmouth for a 25th reunion party at the Royal Naval College over the weekend.  As you can see the sun shone brightly to honour this Type 23 Frigate.

4.    Memories of Dartmouth

Taken from Ray Freeman's most excellent book 'Dartmouth and it's Neighbours' available from the Harbour Book Shop Dartmouth. This image from 1887 must predate the NHS?

5.   Dartmouth Civic Dinner

Themed on the new Dartmouth Regalia booklet available from the TIC, the Civic Dinner attracted over 80 celebrities from throughout Devon.  Mayor Iris Pritchard highlighted the good work that the TIC and Chamber of Trade do for the town and commented on how pleased she was to see both organisations sharing a table and working together.  Robert Trowbridge the guest speaker, provided a humorous account of various people including Dartmouth dot TV's owner Dave Cawley and our good friend Richard Rendle who is currently in Australia  Rev Simon Wright provided the response.  Many thought that this was one of the nicest and certainty the most humorous Civic Dinner yet.

6.   The Breakfast Club

Not the fantastic 1985 film staring Molly Ringwald, also of Pretty In Pink, and not a full fried breakfast either!

7.   Alan Rickman & Sigourney Weaver in Snowcake TONIGHT

Snowcake is an engaging, brilliantly written and ultimately moving drama with superb central performances from Rickman and Weaver.

Alan Rickman is terrific as Alex, an emotionally distant British man who is involved in a tragic car accident whilst driving across Canada. The repercussions of the crash bring him to snowy Wawa Ontario, where he finds himself looking after an eccentric, high-functioning autistic woman named Linda (Sigourney Weaver).  Ultimately, it's the sort of film that creeps up on you and you don't realise how much it has affected you till you find yourself still thinking about it days later.

Guest tickets for sale at The Windjammer from 7.30-7.55
Our bar at The Guildhall opens at 7.30. The film to start at 8pm approx.

8.     Small News & Comedy Festival

  • Comedy at Cafe Alf Resco Kate reports: We will be having a comedy breakfast on Sunday 11th Feb from 10am the only free event in the festival.

  • Comedy at the Wildfire Bar  Dart Marina
    Thursday 8 February - 9.00pm. Comedy night headed by Rainer Hersch and a selection of leading comedians.
    Saturday 10 February - 8.00pm. Patrick Monahan live followed by an 'Open Mic' event - come and have a go if you think you're funny enough!

  • Comedy at the Flavel, no news but check out this link ?

  • Comedy at The Windjammer Pub, we do not have any information right now, but Andy will make you welcome whatever and serve you draft Grolsch.

  • Comedy at The Royal Castle
    Thursday 8th - A three course supper complete with entertainment by 'Mandy and The Magdalenas' in the Royal Castle Nu Restaurant.
    Friday 9th - Comedy Crawl in The Royal Castle Harbour Bar from 9:15pm

  •  Dartmouth Caring is hosting its first Gala Dinner on the 3rd of March at The Royal Castle Hotel. Following dinner there will be an Auction of Promises, this will be a fun evening with all proceeds going to the charity. If you wish to come and join us tickets are available from the Dartmouth Caring office opposite the Doctors surgery at £25.00 per person (dinner jacket)

Blackpool Sands, Dartmouth

Blackpool Sands last Sunday

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