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            10th July 2008



1.    St Barnabas nearly open

2.    Hawley flower festival

3.    Pixar in Dartmouth?

4.    State of the market

5.    Bastille Day at the Royal Castle

6.    Juno today!

7.    Gift Day

8.    Small News


1.   St Barnabas nearly open


This Monday the building contractors passed over St Barnabas to its new owners.  You can see it's quite a transformation!  Hoping to attract business and other meetings in the many large spaces and dedicated areas, this new facility only adds to the attraction of Dartmouth.  A Deli shop will operate so that locals can buy food at any time.  The huge restaurant serving a variety of Italian and other food and the large bar area is bound to be a big pull for locals and holiday makers alike.  Apprentices will be trained in all areas of the operation.

2.     Hawley flower festival

Dartmouth's commemoration of the death of John Hawley in 1408 continued last weekend with an outstanding flower festival in St Saviour's Church.  The superb arrangements depicted various aspects of Hawley's life and were put together by Dartmouth flower arrangers.  A lot of hard work, but a brilliant display - thank you all!

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3.     Pixar in Dartmouth?

Ex-Disney employee Giles Halliwell and wife Sarah have just set up their first interiors store ' Distinctly Living' in Dartmouth and it looks like Giles has brought a little of bit of 'Disney' magic to the shop, in the form of a Giant Angle Poise lamp. The angle poise has been brought back to cult status recently in the Disney/Pixar animated films, where they feature in the opening sequence. The version in 'Distinctly Living' has been made to celebrate the 70th Birthday of the Original 1227 Anglepoise Lamp. It is a three times life size version of the original lamp and embodies the distinctive, unique products that Distinctly Living sell - a shop which aims to be an antidote to high street chain monotony by offering an stunning collection of interior and exterior furnishings, from beautifully crafted furniture to elegant tableware, gifts and antiques.

If you cannot find what you are looking for in the shop, the owners Sarah and Giles are more than happy to use their wide range of contacts to try and locate a specific item for you.

Distinctly Living can be found at 35 Lower Street, near the Historic Bayard's Cove and next to the renowned Cafe Alfresco.

4.     State of the market

I am sure that we are all now well aware of problems in the economy with ever increasing costs of fuel, food and of the struggling housing market.  Richard Blake MNAEA of Freeborns Estate Agents in Dartmouth says it doesn’t matter where in the  United Kingdom you live, things are much tougher than this time last year and if we are to  believe the general media, tough conditions could remain for some time to come. The local housing market has struggled to achieve prices that we saw some 12 months ago and we are probably seeing a natural adjustment in prices from an over enthusiastic market.

Richard Blake says in general terms we are still seeing strong demand for properties in  the South Hams although due to a lack of confidence, buyers are wary of proceeding to purchase. This will inevitably cause a build up of demand causing a bounce back in the market in the future.

The mounds of pessimistic reports from the media on the state of the property market and economy generally is doing nobody any favours and if we sell and buy in the same market we should be no better or worse off. We haven’t seen a better climate for first time buyers to purchase for years and they must be encouraged to get onto the ladder while the market takes a breather.  Banks and building societies are still lending money although the irresponsible lending of the last couple of years has probably come to an end.  Richard can be contacted on 01803 832045

5.   Bastille Day at The Royal Castle

Enjoy a veritable feast of French food on July 14th for just £29.50

Soupe à l’oignon gratinėe (French onion soup with Gruyere crouton)
Roulade de canard confit, et ces figues balsamique (Shredded and rolled duck confit with balsamic figs)
Moules mariniėre (Mussels in white wine sauce)
Navarin d’agneau, pommes fondante et ces petit legumes
(Loin of lamb with tomatoes and thyme, fondant potatoes and baby vegetables)
Filets de rouget au safran et son risotto de palourdes
(Red mullet fillets with clam and saffron risotto)
Fromage de chevre roti, accomagné d’une salade de betteraves à la vinaigrette de noix
(Pan fried goat cheese with beetroot salad and walnut vinaigrette)
Roquefort et camembert avec du pain de maison
(Roquefort and camembert cheese with home made bread)
Fruits d’ete en sabayon aux fruits de la passion, servis avec un sorbet
(Summer fruits with sabayon and passion fruit sorbet)
Fondant au chocolat avec sa glace vanille
(Chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream)

Café et migniardises
(Coffee with petit fours)

6.    Juno today

Dartmouth Film Society's film for Thursday 10th July is JUNO. Described as 'The sweetest, funniest film about an unplanned pregnancy you're likely to see.' by BBC Channel 4. Winning an Oscar this year for Original Screenplay, Juno tells the tale of a 16 year old high school junior in Minnesota who discovers she is pregnant after a one night stand with her best friend, Bleeker.

In the waiting room of an abortion clinic, the quirky and whip-sharp Juno decides to go ahead with the birth and have the child adopted by a wealthy suburban couple. Then the problems really start... This is a deeply non-judgmental film. Like the similarly idiosyncratic Little Miss Sunshine, it portrays ordinary people dealing with difficult situations with humour, warmth and decency.

Guest tickets available from the Windjammer from 7.30-7.55 £3.50
The bar at The Guildhall opens at 7.30. The film to be shown at 8pm approx.

7.    Gift Day

Gift Day on Saturday at St Clement's Church, Townstal !

The Revd. Michael Macey, Curate of Dartmouth reports: St Clement's Church in Townstal, the mother church of Dartmouth, has been  standing for 750 years and has seen many changes, both to the building  itself and the way in which it has been used. For example, in the Middle  Ages, the church was used for fairs, village meetings and sometimes as a refuge, as well as a place of worship. Events often move in circles,
sometimes over hundreds of years, and in this new millennium, the role of the church is changing and the time has come once again to ensure that St  Clement's is not only fit for the worship of God in the 21st century and
beyond, but also suitable for wider community use, in a way which fits with today's needs and aspirations. Plans have been drawn up to open up the space within the church and provide facilities and equipment which will enable this to happen. The artist's impressions above show what is proposed.

Of course this is going to cost money!  The church has £150,000 available  from parish funds, but needs to raise a further £100,000 from public subscription. The appeal is being launched this Saturday 12 July with a "Gift Day" in St Clement's Church; please come along between 10.00am and  3.00pm to see the plans in detail, and please bring your "gift".


8.    Small News

  •  Sue Wright just called to say they have had to cancel the Macmillan Cream Tea planned for Saturday at the Keep due to the weather.

  • Sue Tweed reports:  Our next event for Children's Hospice South West is a Summer Supper, 6.30pm for 7pm on 26th July in the Old Market - 3-course meal, £20. Wine for sale or BYO. Tickets available from Liz Roe 01803 833232.

  • Dee Nutt reports:  Hi can you just pop in to the newsletter our party on the 19th July at the Castle Tearooms, 7.30pm -11pm.  Its our 20th year our new President Mrs Iris Pritchard will attend the event with Jonathan Hawkins. Entertainment for the evening is by local band Sax Appeal and food is available prepared by local chef David Hawke.  Come and join us,  tickets £10.00 from Dartmouth Caring office, The Castle Tearooms and D'Art Gallery

  • Michael Bennett (of the Estate Agents - now called Stags) took over as President of the Rotary Club of Dartmouth on 1st July. All the other Rotary clubs in Torbay sent representatives to his inauguration last week.


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