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            20th March 2008

1.     The return of the Chef

2.    The Singer - Tonight

3.    The man who changed the World

4.    Easter Bonnet Parade

5.    Flowers for the Mayor

6.    Small News

1.    The return of the Chef

Just in time for Easter, Dartmouth's New Angel Restaurant is re-opening  tomorrow, Friday 21st March under the new ownership of Clive Jacobs.

The  restaurant's former owner and celebrity chef John Burton-Race is preparing menus and cooking when available; the restaurant's head chef Robert Spencer has returned and together they will continue to offer some of the finest cuisine in the country, with dishes showcasing the best of local and seasonal ingredients in a modern French style. For reservations call 01803  839425 - and check out their web site by clicking here.

Why not come down for a long weekend and sample the New Angel's menu as well as the many other fine restaurants Dartmouth has to offer?

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2.  The Singer Tonight.    

Hailed by critics as a triumphant return to his best, Gerard Depardieu is outstanding as nightclub crooner Alain Moreau in this enchanting romantic comedy.  When he spies the beautiful Marion (Cecile de France) in the audience one night, Alain engineers a meeting with her through his friend Bruno (Mathieu Amalric). But the troubled Marion, burned by the experience of a failed marriage, is wary of becoming emotionally involved and shuns his advances. However, the smitten Alain isn't so easily dissuaded and sets about wooing the object of his affection.

Played with remarkable on-screen chemistry between de France and Depardieu, who also reveals an unexpected vocal talent for cabaret standards, `The Singer` is a wistful. touching and superbly entertaining love story.  Guest tickets for sale in The Windjammer 7.30-7.55 £3.50  Our bar opens at 7.30 - the film to be shown at 8pm approx.

3.    The man who changed the World

Arthur C Clark died this week and you may be wondering why this features in Dartmouth News; our owner Dave Cawley explains:  As a young lad of 16, heavily into motorcycles and living in deepest Cornwall my attention was drawn to a new film called "2001 A Space Odyssey".  Seeing this film changed my life, as from then on electronics was my only quest.  Who can forget the computer HAL and the enigmatic cry from Dave Bowman of "open the pod bay doors HAL".

What isn't generally recognised is that Arthur was firstly a scientist, and one of the world's greatest at that.  In the October 1945 issue of Wireless World Arthur wrote his seminal article "Extra-Terrestrial Relays" that suggested that satellites positioned 23,000 miles away, would appear to us as stationary, the advantage being that you could simply point a dish at them, and nothing more.  However, this was 1945 and no one had launched any sort of satellite at all.  But it wasn't science fiction, all the calculations were there to back it up.  But the world had to wait another 20 years until 1964 before the first geostationary satellite was launched.  The position of theses satellites is often referred to as "The Clarke Belt".  Needless to say, SKY TV could not exist without it.

Dave continued:  In 1991 I was working with "Weather Satellites" and in fact my company Timestep was the world's leading supplier.  We needed to do some live tests of a satellite operational over India.  Around that time my PA told me a Mr Clarke from Sri Lanka had telephoned for a brochure, I joked "oh, that would be Arthur C Clarke?"  "yes" said my PA as  I sat down hastily.  We called back and Arthur said come over to Sri Lanka where we could perform our live tests of the Indian satellite.  In a flash my friend Dave Cutts and I flew over to be chauffeur driven in Arthur's big Mercedes.  The trip was brilliantly successful and Arthur remained a friend, even sending a congratulatory Fax on my Wedding Day, something our guests could not believe.  The above photos were taken in Sri Lanka with Arthur and I; remember this was 17 years ago!

Without Arthur, Jill and I would not be here in Dartmouth, without Arthur the world would be a poorer place.  I cannot wish to be associated with a greater man, may your God be with you Arthur.

4.  Easter Bonnet Parade

Sue Tweed reports:  Easter Bonnet Parade this weekend - Easter Saturday, 22nd March, from 11 am. in Royal Avenue Gardens.  We would like lots of children and adults to make and wear an Easter bonnet - every hat a winner, all ages welcome. Teas, coffees and cakes will be on sale from 10am.

Lots of support is needed this year to raise as much money as possible for the Children's Hospice, now fundraising to build a third hospice, this one in Cornwall, which will provide specialist care for more terminally ill children and their families from the South West.  The picture here, is of last year's event, we expect this years entries to be even better??

5.  Flowers for the Mayor

Dee Nutt reports:  Dartmouth Caring Lunch Club on the Wednesday before Easter was pleased to be able to celebrate with 25 of the choir from Dartmouth Primary School led by Sarah Mules, who came to entertain the lunch club.  We were also very lucky to be able to present a bouquet to Mrs Iris Pritchard the outgoing Mayor; this was presented by Mrs Avril Dodd. The Lunch Club wanted to thank Mrs Pritchard for all her help and support to Dartmouth Caring over the last two years.  We were also celebrating Mrs Wyn Truscott's 90th Birthday.  Wyn is a local and well loved within the community. Mr Horace Callis presented a basket of plants on behalf of the lunch club.  We were also joined for the lunch by the Rev Simon Wright and his wife Mrs Sue Wright and the Rev Michael Macey who is a Dartmouth Caring Trustee.

We are looking for volunteer drivers at the present time as our driving commitments are ever increasing: if anyone has a few hours to spare please do contact Dianne Walton on 835385

6.     Small News  

  •  Bangers and Mash – Spanish style Thursday 27th March

    James Brown from Browns Hotel reports: We are happy to bring back our popular bar nights and will be running at least one each month. These were sell out events last year so be sure to book up in advance! Our first night is a take on that popular pub dish, “bangers and mash”. We have sourced some fantastic meaty, spicy chorizo sausages which we will be poaching in red wine. The combination of wine and heat is lovely. These will be served with a butter bean mash and wilted spinach. As usual we will have a small selection of starters and puddings for those who want to linger longer. The price is £8.50 including a glass of house wine. To make your booking please call  01803 832572

  • Easter (Eggs) and all that – at 4.00pm on Saturday there is an Easter Egg Service for Children at St Clement’s Church.  See the sun come up (we hope!) at the lighting of the Easter Candle, at 5.30am on Sunday morning also at St Clement's.  For other services see the parish web site by clicking here.

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