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1.   2008 in pictures

2.   Small News



What would Christmas in Dartmouth be without a poem from our old friend Kevin Pyne? 

Thanks Kev, and thanks for filling in as photographer on so many occasions!



Ding along a Dartmouth
Soon come is the Christmas day
And a little baby child to Mary
To sleep in among the hay

Ding along a Dartmouth
By the river near
And hear the children singing
As the stars shine out so clear

Ding along a Dartmouth
As the boats bob up and down
And the gulls they scold and cry
For the child of God is found

Ding along a Dartmouth
And be merry while you may
For man is born and is gone again
Whilst the river forever meanders its way

Ding along a Dartmouth
With its leaning Christmas tree
For nothing is there perfect
Save what it is that God decrees

Ding along a Dartmouth
The church bells they all ring
So as we may remember
Beyond our own importance
The coming of a king

Ding along a Dartmouth
And so lucky it is are they
Who live besides the River Dart!
That flows forever towards the bay

Ding along a Dartmouth
And are we not blessed this day
For we live better than so many others
And for this to our God
We give of our thanks and pray



Thanks to all those who invited us to their parties and special occasions!  We'll always come and photograph your event!


Thanks to our contributing professional photographers Colin Cadle and Tony Pike.


So from all of us on the Dartmouth dot TV crew to our many 1,000's of readers


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2.    Small News
  • The next news will be after New Year on Friday 2nd January.  If you are celebrating New Year in Dartmouth, then look for us on the streets and in The Royal Castle Hotel!



Why not come and visit Dartmouth?


Images copyright Dave Cawley,  Kevin Pyne & others. 

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