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1.    Regatta highlights
2.    Children’s Fancy Dress

3.    Small News



Danielli's stunning Regatta widow display

1.    Regatta highlights

Dartmouth Royal Regatta, a time when the town works and parties hard!  The Fun Fair has arrived, the biggest Craft Tent ever has opened, and the street traders are here now.  And of course our specialist shops are bustling!

We are dedicating the news this week to the Regatta, if you aren't down here yet, come now!  We have Fireworks tonight, the Red Arrows on Saturday, and even more Fireworks on Saturday evening!  Normal News will be resumed next week, or the week after!




2.    Children’s Fancy Dress

This competition took place this morning in the Royal Avenue Gardens  and was organised and sponsored by Tessa de Galleani (Dartmouth Living).


3.    Small News
  • Continuing our theme of Keeping Dartmouth Special and marketing Dartmouth to Quality Tourists, it is important for all the business in Dartmouth to work together.

    Joining Dartmouth dot TV will give your business a voice in the big wide World out there.  Our directors constantly promote Dartmouth and attend and vote at more meetings than you could possibly imagine.

    Advertising with us gives you the best opportunity to grow your business and to help Dartmouth

    Help support Dartmouth, by supporting Dartmouth dot TV, if you haven't returned your advertising invoice yet, please do it straight after Regatta?  If you haven't got one yet, click here.  Keeping Dartmouth Special!

The beautiful Butterwalk

Images copyright Dave Cawley & others. 

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