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            27th March 2008

1.     Anzac Street Bistro

2.    Flavour in the Flavel 

3.    The man who changed the World II

4.    Painting Course

5.    Stewart Edmondson's new paintings

6.    Small News

1.    Anzac Street Bistro

The Dartmouth dot TV team recently had a delightful evening at Anzac Street Bistro enjoying excellent food prepared by the owner, Serin Aubrey and being well looked after by Alison his wife. The Bistro is one of Dartmouth's best kept secrets with a relaxed atmosphere and smart interior, crisp white napkins, and a menu offering gastronomic delicacies using Devon's finest produce, with seafood being a speciality.  After escaping the rat race of London, having worked for Sir Terence Conran in his flagship restaurant, Serin and Alison and Shonagh Simmonds now take real pleasure in cooking great local produce that always reflects the  season.

Dave said "My choice of extra mature fillet steak was the best I have tasted for a long time." (Those who know Dave will also know that he is somewhat of a personal expert on steak!!)

After thinking that Dartmouth was to lose them, we were thrilled to hear that Serin and Alison will now be staying at the bistro and are settling into their new house in Dartmouth with their twin daughters Lola & Eliza.  Shonagh their New Zealand chef will be joined this summer by her brother Kim, fresh from NZ to add some new ideas and influence to the team.

To celebrate their decision to stay in Dartmouth Serin and Alison would like to offer anyone booking two nights accommodation or more at the Bistro in April and May, who mentions Dartmouth Dot TV, a complimentary bottle of  Bubbles in their room.  Also if you book a table in April and mention Dartmouth Dot TV you will receive free Aperitifs.

Well done Serin and Alison, we wish you every success! To make a booking call 01803 835515 or check out their web site by clicking here.

2.  Flavour in the Flavel   


Last Thursday the Manna from Devon Cooking School took over the kitchen of the Flavel Centre to run an innovative, teambuilding workshop. 13 administrative staff from Ridgeway School in Plympton arrived in Dartmouth to be briefed by Holly and David Jones that in 4 hours time they had to have prepared a 5 course Italian meal, including fresh, handmade pasta, homemade bread and biscotti. Not wishing to make things too easy for the team there was no menu planned, no shopping had been done and the team would have to earn the money before they could buy anything.

"The beauty of the exercise lay in the interdependence of the different work groups", explained David, who has spent 16 years as a team development consultant. "Shoppers couldn't shop until the menu planners had decided on a what to cook, but they needed to consult the chefs as to what was possible in the kitchen. The menu relied on the availability of ingredients locally, so the shoppers had to investigate this and report back.  Meanwhile the chefs needed to get started on bread and pasta making, so they needed money earners to get some cash so the shoppers could buy the ingredients they needed."

"If all of this sounds confusing that's because it's meant to be, because that's how it is in nearly every organisation. The way to get through it is to practice excellent communication, coordination, planning and initiative; in other words, teamwork!" And at bang on schedule the team sat down to begin enjoying the fruits of their labour, with fish from Moby Nick's, veggies form Jilly's Farm Shop and plenty of wine from the Dartmouth vintners. Lucky team; all that and a day out in Dartmouth!  If your team could benefit from a day of teambuilding find out more by clicking here.

3.    The man who changed the World II

Remarkably last week's article caused quite a stir with BBC Radio Devon wanting to interview Dave Cawley. Our parent Company Timestep owes its name to Arthur and his friends.  First registered in 1974, Arthur has been the only person to work out where the name Timestep came from, but then he would!  Timestep's address is PO Box 2001, Dartmouth, in memory of the film 2001 A Space Odyssey.  It is perhaps important to remember the final sequences at the end of 2001, where the old man is reborn whilst being looked after by The Creator.  And it may be prudent to attempt to analyse "all these worlds are yours except for Europa" from the sequel 2010.  And a final thought, the monolith at the start of 2001, was that from Europa?

A few years before meeting Arthur, Dave was at a NASA Conference in Baltimore and met Neil Armstrong of "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" fame, and shook his hand.  Neil and all the other crew had seen 2001 before they went to the Moon and were all inspired by it.  Neil had given Arthur a piece of Moon rock, the only piece in private ownership, but as Dave said when he held it in his shaking hand in Sri Lanka,  "it's not made of cheese old lad, is it?"

Richard Webb of Dartmouth Books  reports: Following on your interest in Arthur C Clarke and your own distinguished space satellite background, I really thought that you should know that John Ellwood, one of the scientists responsible for the current European Space Agency Jules Verne spaceship project which has just been successfully launched, comes from Dartmouth and has his home at Warfleet with his wife Lindsay.
I am sure it would be of great interest featuring Dartmouth`s very own rocket scientist who is at this very moment engaged in an important space mission and a `scoop` as no other media are aware of this local connection. You can read more by clicking here.

4.   Painting Course

Coombe Farm Studio's timetable of art courses start in full swing on April 4th to 6th with a Painting Course Being Bold With Colour and there are a few last minute places available with a 5% discount for local residents. Set in a beautiful valley in between Dittisham and East Cornworthy, artist and author Paul Riley runs arts courses, serious tuition in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, on a residential and non-residential basis. Future courses include April 11th to 13th Releasing the Imagination and April 21st to 25th General Painting Course of Flowers, Life and Landscape. In May, June and July there are also Stream to Sea, Flowers in Gardens and Marine Painting courses together with pottery and mixed media. For that unique present why not give a gift voucher for a painting holiday. Alternatively why not join us on a painting holiday abroad this year we visit Venice in May and Prague in September.

Come and peruse our gallery Coombe Farm Gallery which is showing a general exhibition of West Country artists with something for everyone. Coombe Farm, Dittisham, Devon TQ6 0JA. Tel: 01803 722352 visit their web site by clicking here.

5.  Stewart Edmondson's new paintings

The D'Art Gallery in Lower Street is currently exhibiting Stewart Edmondson's new paintings. This collection shows Stewart's love of landscapes and the environment, with many of the paintings created outside where the wind and rain move the paint around giving an incredibly atmospheric character to the work.  Although originally from Yorkshire, Stewart has now made Devon his home and conveys his love of the Devon countryside through mixed media with watercolour, acrylic, oil stick  and ink. Check out their web site by clicking here.

Why not go along to the gallery and view the collection which opened from 22nd March, but hurry, many have already sold!   Come down for a long weekend?

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6.     Small News  



  • All the photographs on this week's news were taken in Dartmouth this week, it's lovely here!!

  • We forgot to mention Dave Cutts was the photographer of Arthur C Clarke last week.


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