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            29th May 2008

1.    Galleries Night

.    I'm Not There  tonight!

3.    Two Rosettes and a Strawberry

4.    The F Word comes to Dartmouth?

5.    A different view

6.    Small News

1.    Galleries Night

Last Friday evening was time to chill out as Dartmouth's art galleries opened in the evening.  With plenty of time and a chilled Chardonnay or two, this was the place to buy presents for friends and consider revamping your own art collection.  Many of the artists were present and selling quite well.  However, buying on the spot is not essential, so next time we announce one, you really ought to come?

The Dartmouth TV crew were intrigued by an exhibit in Baxters, simply called "Sticky Fingers" comprising a beautiful bowl of lollies (see above 3rd down on the left).  We pondered on whether it was in the £200 or £300 price region, but then Sarah brought us down to earth telling us it was just £4.75, or eat as many as you like for free, humbled, we ate heartily...  Check out the galleries in Dartmouth by clicking here.

2.    I'm Not There - tonight!

Although "I'm Not There" is " inspired by the music and many lives of Bob Dylan" there is no character actually called Bob Dylan in it. What Todd Haynes does instead is to create six different characters, each representing a different aspect of the musician's life and work and each with their own story, which occasionally interacts with one of the others.

They include Marcus Carl Franklin, an 11-year-old black American kid, as "Woody", a railroad-car-hopping, guitar-wielding, self-proclaimed legend; Christian Bale as "Jack Rollins", who takes the Greenwich village folk scene of the early 1960s by storm; Heath Ledger as "Robbie", an introverted actor playing a Dylan-like figure in a Hollywood film; Richard Gere as bearded recluse "Billy", his name apparently an allusion to the music Dylan contributed to Sam Peckinpah's Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid (1973), and finally Cate Blanchett as "Jude Quinn", the mumbling, mop-haired, rake-thin revolutionary

Guest tickets for sale in The Windjammer 7.30-7.55 £3.50 Our bar at The Guildhall opens at 7.30 the film to be shown at 8pm approx

3.     Two Rosettes and a Strawberry

Mark Streeter, Executive Head Chef and his team at the Dart Marina Hotel & Spa in Dartmouth, are celebrating for two reasons – firstly that the Hotel’s River Restaurant has been awarded two AA Rosettes in recognition of its high standards of cuisine, and secondly a Strawberry icon which illustrates the Hotel’s commitment to using regional food.

Mark Godfrey, MD of Dart Marina Hotel & Spa said: “The two AA Rosette award is something we have been committed to achieving and we are all thrilled that our determination to reach this high standard has been recognised. We have a fantastic team here and our location in the South Hams area of Devon gives us a head start when sourcing fabulous food. The Strawberry icon is the AA’s way of helping people to find restaurants which source food which is distinctive to the local area and we are proud that our work with local producers has been acknowledged in this way.”

The award for two AA Rosettes is presented to restaurants which ‘demonstrate excellent consistency, greater precision and attention to the choice and quality of ingredients, flavours are well-balanced in all dishes and the menu reflects an enthusiasm and commitment to cooking and serving fine food’.  Dart Marina is known for its support of the local South Hams Food & Drink Group and for its work in encouraging young people to enter the hospitality industry. As well as an undertaking to reduce its impact on the environment through the green tourism scheme, Dart Marina chooses to source locally – both for flavour, quality, seasonality and local distinctiveness - but also to reduce food miles.

The River Restaurant is open every day for dinner and for lunch on Sundays – for bookings please call 01803 832580.  For further information about events at Dart Marina please click here.

4.    The F Word comes to Dartmouth?

Is Dartmouth becoming the foodie capital of Devon, or even the entire south west of Britain?  It looks like it!  We have the very best Food Festival, click here to see last year's fantastic event. 

We have a star of TV, John Burton-Race in The New Angel Restaurant, and now we hear unconfirmed reports that star of The F Word, Gordon Ramsey is opening a restaurant on the embankment this year!!   Rumour has it that Gordon will buck the trend of very expensive food and offer good food at sensible prices, we like that idea!  Check out Dartmouth's greatest restaurants by clicking here we also have 14 bars that do bar food too!

Why don't you come down for a long weekend?

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5.    A different view  of Music Festival

If you missed our special Music Festival issue then click here to see it?  Here Kevin Pyne has captured a different view of the Festival.  Have you considered giving one of Kevin's  books of poems to a friend as a present, pop down to the Tourist Information Centre and buy one?

Despite being "unofficial photographers"  during the Music Festival we got the scoop!  The only place to see a full colour review of this fantastic event is on Dartmouth dot TV.  We pride ourselves on capturing images of events and publishing them ahead of anyone, and sometimes we are the only source of imagery.  We try very hard to promote Dartmouth and its events, so if you are organising anything, ask us to cover it, we can be very discreet if required!  We can offer low cost web sites and update them in real time.  If it's publicity you want, from a B&B to a full on festival, then call us.

6.    Small News


  • None this week!!



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