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                 3rd January 2008



1.    New Year celebrations

2.    New Year Swim

3.    New Year's clearout

4.    Dartmouth Lifeboat on patrol

5.    Dartmouth dot TV Employee Award

6.    Dickens of a Christmas result!

7.    Small News


1.  New Year celebrations

Every year Dartmouth celebrates New Year's Eve in huge style.  From families with small children to large corporates who send their staff to Dartmouth to party.  It is a unique event and Dartmouth dot TV would like to thank everyone for posing for us and to The Royal Castle and the Dartmouth Arms for permission to photograph.

Now, if you were not here, you really should be next time.  Or now that you have seen that Dartmouth combines beauty, tranquillity, sophistication and parties, maybe you should come down for the weekend ?

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2.    New Year Swim

On New Year's Day when some of us were nursing terrible hangovers, a group of intrepid souls flung themselves into the river at Bayards Cove at lunch time. It was once said, that you have to try very hard indeed to be eccentric in Dartmouth, these pictures prove that!!  Thanks to Kevin Pyne for the photography.

3.     New Year's clearout

Manna from Devon, our local cooking school and the makers of fantastic chocolate brownies, had an unexpected New Year's clearout when a 40 ft retaining wall in their garden crashed into Lower Contour Road in Kingswear last Saturday night.

David Jones described how he and his wife Holly had been sitting, reading in their lounge when they heard an almighty crash from just outside and looked out of the window to see their wall strewn across the road. Their first thoughts were that someone was under the rubble and David rushed out to see while Holly called the police. Fortunately no one had been passing at the time and, although initially very shocked, they are now able to put the incident into perspective;   'A wall fell down in our garden and no one got hurt'   is how David philosophically describes the event.

The bad news is that the rubble is blocking the main road through the village causing considerable inconvenience to ferry traffic to Dartmouth (but not coming from Dartmouth and out towards Paignton), school runs, local buses and everyone who lives below the landslide. A survey is required before the mess can be cleared up and the New Year's holidays have seriously hampered any progress.

The Cooking School is expected to continue without interruption when workshops resume in Mid-January and Holly and David fully intend to provide a fully stocked stall, as usual, at the Dartmouth Farmers' Market on Saturday 12th January:  Click here to visit their web siote.

4.   Dartmouth Lifeboat on patrol

The Dartmouth Lifeboat was on duty in Paignton on Boxing Day at the annual "Christmas walk into  the sea"    Thanks to Colin Cadle for the photography.

5.   Dartmouth dot TV Employee Award

This is an occasional feature when someone in Dartmouth provides truly exceptional service.   Anyone is free to nominate and we will need 200-300 words and a picture.

The first winner is Sue Thomson of the Tourist Information Centre shown on the right.  The TIC can book train tickets if you turn up in person, or if you telephone 01803 834224.  Whereas British Rail are only obliged to give you 2 or 3 options, the TIC will search a dozen or more until you get the very best deal.  This can often be half the price you expected.  Nigel Way said recently "the ticket inspector would not believe how little I paid for my ticket"  Dartmouth dot TV's owner Dave Cawley reports:  "I needed to pick up a car in Slough the next day.  I telephoned the TIC and Sue trawled all the availed options and found me exactly what I wanted and even got me an upgrade to First Class at no extra cost!  Credit card numbers were hastily exchanged and the tickets were waiting for me in an envelope when I called in to collect them"

6.  Dickens of a Christmas result!

Sue Tweed reports:   " 1,044 was raised for Children's Hospice South West at the 5th Dickens of a Christmas Market on 15th December, plus another 600 in donations from the Candlelit Dartmouth event.  On behalf of all the children and families who use CHSW's two hospices in the South West - very many thanks to everyone who supported the Market - in spite of the bitterly cold weather that day! "

This must be the best Dickens of a Christmas yet, well done chaps!

7.     Small News  

  • Small news, err no!  Remember we need you to let us know what is happening guys!!

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