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1.   Spring in Dartmouth

2.   McHenry Hohnen Wine Dinner

3.   Rare Baby Owls

4.   Small News


1.  Spring in Dartmouth

The Dartmouth dot TV crew love Dartmouth and the surrounding area, does it show? The photographs here, at the top and at the bottom of the news were all taken in the last 7 days in Dartmouth or within a ten minute drive.  We have the most beautiful riverside town in the UK and it is our aim to promote quality tourism for Dartmouth and to Keep Dartmouth Special, do you agree with us?  If so, come down for a long weekend, or for a week, enjoys the riverside walks, drink in our 14 bars and eat in our World class restaurants click here to see them.

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2.   McHenry Hohnen Australian Wine Dinner

Chris Jones  from the Dart Marina reports:  Since the Bollinger dinner was such a huge success we decided to do another wine dinner. Who knows, this could become a monthly event. The wine dinner is on Monday 27th April. Pre dinner drinks are served at 7.00pm and dinner will be served at 7.30pm. The dinner will be attended by David Hohnen of McHenry Hohnen wines. He is the man that made Cloudy Bay famous.  Click here to learn more?

The menu is really quite extensive, 5 courses, 5 wines and all for just £35.00 inclusive!  Click here to see the menu.  This is going to be another Dartmouth moment, and at that price, with all that food and all that wine, well, will we see you there?  Call the Dart Marina on 01803 832580.

"McHenry Hohnen Vintners is a family owned wine producer sourcing grapes from four vineyards owned within the families of David Hohnen and his brother in law Murray McHenry.  Wine making is handled by David and his daughter Freya. The MCH philosophy embraces minimal intervention winemaking, where each wine is a focused expression of its variety, its growing season and its individual site. In 1985 David received backing from investors to see Cape Mentelle establish Cloudy Bay in Marlborough, New Zealand.  Veuve Clicquot bought into Cape Mentelle in 1990.  As chief executive, David guided the growth of the company until 2003, at which time he left Cape Mentelle to pursue interests in farming, grape growing and wine making in Margaret River."

3.  Rare Baby Owls

Two beautiful fluffy rare baby owls have arrived for Easter at Woodlands Family Theme Park. Their proud parents Katrina and Rasputin are very rare Russian Siberian Turkemanian Eagle Owls which are hybrids and are not found anywhere in the wild. There are only about eleven of these rare owls in England at the moment.  Katrina is an excellent Mum and Rasputin became very excited and protective when the babies hatched two weeks ago. They have been watched closely on Closed Circuit TV cameras by the park’s two Falconers Geoff Pearson and Lyn Goss.

There were three eggs but after Katrina had hatched out the first two babies she pushed out the third egg and ate it. Breeding mothers have a way of knowing whether the eggs are fertile or infertile even before they hatch. These eggs are often eaten by the females to gain extra nutrients.

The owls are now being hand-reared by the Falconers to give them extra care and attention. “Lyn and I are being foster Mums to the baby chicks” Geoff said. “We take care of them day and night. They are to be kept at a precise temperature, not too hot and not too cold.  Feeding the chicks every four hours by hand is a bit tough, at least they don’t wear nappies, but they do have to be cleaned and picked up for cuddling”. Geoff continued “we then gain the trust of the babies and soon they accept other people. All being well they should be ready to take part in the Woodlands Falconry Displays by August, where they eventually fly and land on gauntlets held by the public”. Check out Woodlands  website by clicking here.

4.    Small News

  • Easter in the parish of Dartmouth
    As well as all the eggs and bunnies, remember that this weekend Christians around the world will be celebrating Easter - the Good News of God raising Jesus from the dead as a sign and promise of hope and new life. After the pain and sadness of the crucifixion on Good Friday, on Easter Day we will rejoice in the risen Lord. On Sunday at 6.00am we will light the Easter candle at St Clement's, Townstal as the sun rises (there may even be some sunshine on Sunday!) and then celebrate with a Sung Eucharist service at St Saviour's in the town centre at 11.00am. Why not come along?
  • Easter Egg service for children at St Clement's church at 4.00pm on Saturday!
  • The Ditsum Players Spring Production is "Our Town" by Thornton Wilder, co-directed by Paul Vincent and Linda Cookson. It is a classic 20th century play about life in a small community. Performances in St George's Church, Dittisham on Thursday 16 April, Friday 17 April and Saturday 18 April. Doors open 7.00pm, performance and 7.45pm. Call John Wells on 01803 722 414 for tickets.
  • Farmers Market in Dartmouth this Saturday, come and buy local produce, meet the farmers?




  • Digital TV Switchover
    Well, it's almost done, or is it!  People on the top of the hill who had been receiving digital for years, suddenly found they had to re-tune.  And people in the lower town discovered they could only get BBC on digital, and no BB2 on analogue.  I suppose we will have to wait for the final switchover?  Others have discovered that digital isn't working for them and are scratching their heads wondering if there is a problem with their TV or aerial?

Why not come and visit Dartmouth?

Images copyright Dave Cawley & others. 

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