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1.   New Higher Ferry

2.   Wow! at Wildfire

3.   Satellites save lives

4.   Small News


1.   New Higher Ferry

The image above shows our own actual Dartmouth Ferry, close to Rotterdam. OK we took some liberties and superimposed it on the River Dart, thanks to Colin Cadle for this visualising. Click here to see some of his other award wining works.

Kerry Southern reports:    "The hull of the new ferry has been constructed in Holland and is expected to arrive in Falmouth shortly. It is due to be delivered to Dartmouth on 10th June – and will enter service around 16th June.
During the life of the present ferry (49 years), road traffic in the UK has doubled. The life of the new ferry is expected to also be around 50 years – and the owners are taking the necessary steps to “future-proof” the new vessel.

It will have a nominal capacity of 32 cars (as opposed to the present 18) and 250 passengers. Crossing times will be reduced by 25%. A substantial reduction of the present queuing-time is envisaged. Main propulsion will be provided by a pair of hydraulically driven “bull wheels” on each side which pull the ferry along two steel wires which will be anchored to each side of the river. This design will be much quieter and efficient than the present paddle-driven design. Four thrusters will provide additional manoeuvrability to correct vessel alignment when required e.g. strong wind or tidal conditions. Simultaneous loading/unloading of the new vessel, together with a new traffic-management system on the Dartmouth side of the river, will ensure a quick turnaround time.

Power will be provided by two engines, Scania DI 1262EM (rated at 280kW each), of which only one will be required for normal operation. These engines are exceptionally quiet, fuel-efficient - and have particularly low levels of carbon emission.  Although the vessel’s construction will allow it to carry vehicles of up to 20 tonnes, the owners only intend to carry vehicles of up to 16 tonnes – as was the situation prior to 2001. The new ferry will be approximately 10 metres longer and 6 metres wider than the existing vessel.

The present slipways are now being upgraded in readiness for the new ferry. The Dartmouth slipway will be widened marginally along its northern edge. The historic ‘lifeboat’ slip (damaged some years ago during construction work by BT) will be sympathetically restored to preserve its heritage.  The new ferry will float 20cms deeper than the existing vessel; a modest amount of dredging on the Dartmouth side is presently being considered."

2.   Wow! at Wildfire

The Dartmouth dot TV team recently visited Wildfire Bistro and sampled the new Wow! menu.  With a range of enticing dishes which includes Slow cooked ham and date terrine, Venison pudding and Bigbury Bay oysters, as well as a number of specials, it was really difficult to choose.  In the end we plumped for these very succulent scallops with coconut and chilli from the specials board and duck spring roll as starters, followed by the Semi Cured marinated escalope of salmon and, of course, Dave's favourite, fillet steak!  there was just room to fit in a classic tiramisu and the very striking tropical sorbets with flaming mandarin liqueur - great to watch as well as eat!  Many thanks to Jo and Chris Jones for looking after us.

Wildfire have a special deal on until 12th February which offers "Buy 2 main courses from the new menu and get the cheapest free!".  You have to book in advance mentioning the offer before next Friday 23 January and there are some exclusions, but we'd recommend you give it a try.  Call 01803 837180 and mention 'Dartmouth dot TV' to qualify for the offer.

To see the new menu click here.

3.   Satellites save lives

If you have an epurb on your boat, or if you watched the weather forecast last night you will have already had some contact with the strange world of weather satellites.  Our owner Dave Cawley is an acknowledged world expert in this rather specialist field and his company recently sold 14 weather satellite systems to the Indian Navy.  The UK and the French Navy also use his systems, click here for more details.

Every 2 or 4 years the satellite operators hold a Users Conference.  Held in  in December in Miami, where the weather is good and the beer is cold, over 200 delegates gathered to exchange views.  Dave represents around 15,000 private individual users of these satellites and was asked, once again, to give a paper to this US Department of Commerce conference.  After presenting his paper, Dave was  asked by USA Government officials for private meetings; he duly obliged!  Some of the conference presentations started at 8:00am, worked through lunch, and continued until 8:00pm.  On one day though, Dave decided the theme wasn't for him and he re-visited the Art Deco area of South Beach where the rich and famous hang out.  Roll on 2010 says Dave!

Dave Cawley giving a paper in Miami

4.    Small News
  • Some people have suggested that the circulation of this internet news has a greater penetration in Dartmouth than the local paper.  Certainly a leading Dartmouth business said this week, that after we ran a story about them, they got more enquiries than from their somewhat large advert in a local paper!

    If you have a business in Dartmouth or if you are an event organiser or a local organisation, ask us about the publicity we can offer.  Click here and tell us about what you need.  Naturally this won't always be for free, but our charges are extraordinarily reasonable!

  • Are you a man who wants to learn to sing?  Well, there's still time to join the Learn to Sing programme with the Kingsmen in Kingsbridge on Wednesday evenings.  Call Roy Hann on 01548 856528 to book your free place or email: 


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Images copyright Dave Cawley, Colin Cadle & others. 

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