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1.   Take that JK Rowling!

2.   Classic Craft

3.   Birthday Girls

4.   Shooting from the HIP

5.   Strete Gate

6.   Small News




1.   Take that JK Rowling!

Richard Webb, the Dartmouth publisher, is pleased to announce that two of his best selling titles have just been reprinted.

The Chronicles of Dartmouth by Don Collinson has been printed for the third time and is regarded as the definitive history of the town between 1854 and 1954. Don Collinson says: “Now almost in my 90th year I am honoured at my publisher's decision to publish a third edition of my pride and joy. It was the result of fifteen years research of a town and river that is so rich in history and I hope that my work has helped everyone to understand what has made this place so special.”  It was awarded a Devon Book of the Year Award.

Reflections of Dartmouth by Nigel Evans has been printed for the second time within a year of its publication and the Harbour Bookshop describes it as “This beautiful book, full of glorious pictures, is now our bestselling book ever. Take that JK Rowling!” Nigel Evans says: “I am absolutely thrilled that the first printing has sold out so quickly and that many people have told me how much they enjoy the book.” It was No 1 Bestseller in the Western Morning News Books Chart.

Both books are published by Richard Webb, Dartmouth click here to see them and retail at £25. They are available from The Harbour Bookshop, Dartmouth and other Dartmouth outlets.


2.   Classic Craft

Next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (22nd - 24th July) come along to St Saviour's Church in the centre of Dartmouth for the Annual Parish Craft Exhibition. Exhibits include patchwork, needlework, paintings, sculpture, metalwork, plus some beautiful floral displays. Once again there will be impressive contributions from students at Dartmouth Community College.

The exhibition is open from 10.30am to 6.00pm on Wednesday and Thursday and from 10.30am to 4.30pm on Friday. Home made refreshments are available all three days and you can buy tickets for the Grand Draw to take place on Friday afternoon. Don't miss this opportunity to see outstanding local crafts.

Why not come down for the weekend, or even a week?

Self catering accommodation click here

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A Tourist Guide to Dartmouth click here


3.   Birthday Girls

Two Dartmouth Celebrities were celebrating this week.  Both Tessa of the new shop "The Gift Box" in Market Street and "Jill's Mum" had birthdays this weekend.  We had joy, we had fun; and then another drink or two!  Thanks girls, we had a great time!


4.   Shooting from the HIP

David Freeborn reports: Question. My agent has told me he can sell my property without a Home Information Pack. Is this right?

Answer. The short answer is no – in fact, it’s downright illegal. The law is absolutely clear on this: no property may be put on the market without a HIP already in place. So, if this agent is suggesting that you somehow don’t actually need a HIP at all, or that it’s OK to put your home on the market first and worry about the HIP later – or even that he’s already got a likely buyer in mind, and the delay in getting the HIP might jeopardise the sale - then he is talking about breaking the law.

Of course, you might then ask, so what? After all, it’s the agent who is legally liable – so if he is prepared to take the chance, why should you worry? Well, first of all, at some stage or other the buyer’s solicitor is going to want to see a HIP – and if one doesn’t exist, then that sale’s not going anywhere. Besides, if this agent is trying to steal a march on the competition by suggesting you let him market your property straight away, instead of waiting for the HIP to be produced, then the chances are that some other law-abiding agent will get to hear of it and inform Trading Standards.  But in any case, ask yourself this simple question. What sort of service do you think you’re likely to get from an agent who is so desperate for your business that he is prepared to break the law in order to get it? What other corners is he going to cut?

No, all in all, it makes no sense whatsoever to take a chance on using an agent who by his very actions is showing himself to be thoroughly dishonest. Much better to choose a well-established, reputable firm – if possible, on the basis of personal recommendation from someone who has recently moved house themselves. Using a decent supplier, a good agent can normally get a HIP produced in just 5 days, often even less. A leasehold property, or one with unregistered title, might take a little longer. But much, much better to be safe than sorry.  Contact David at Freeborns Estate Agency on 01803 832045


5.   Strete Gate

It's very tempting to take the 10 minute drive to the beautiful Slapton Sands and to drive straight past Strete Gate.  Last Sunday there were dozens of families getting the sun and enjoying the sea.  When did you last visit?


6.   Small News

  • Businesses in Dartmouth will soon be receiving invitations to advertise with Dartmouth dot TV.  The last 12 months has seen a lot of changes in the town.  Those who track their enquiries will know that Dartmouth dot TV is the first or second highest referrer, and our conversion rate is second to none!

    We have more content and photographs than all the other Dartmouth web sites put together.  Also we are truly independent; we are not owned or managed by any tourist business in Dartmouth.

    You get a whole year of listing for just £5.00 a month!  How can you possibly resist us?

  • The strange tri-hull tri-sail boat that we mentioned last week has caused a lot of interest.  Derek Guy gave us the answer, click here to see it.



Why not come and visit Dartmouth?


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