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1.   Candlelit Dartmouth

2.   Christmas Shopping

3.   Can you date this photo?

4.   Small News



1.  Candlelit Dartmouth

Tessa de Galleani reports: What a triumph, a small, hard working committee have delivered a truly wonderful weekend for both the visitor and the local economy. Candlelit has shown us the way forward working together alongside our local organisations and that included the whole community. Visiting all the local schools to show the children how they could transform a bunch of sticks, tissue paper and lots of glue, into the magical lantern procession we saw on Friday night. Most of the shops stayed open for the late night shoppers. The night was cold and dry and customers gravitated to the shops that gave a warm welcome with generous nibbles and warming drinks. Saturday buzzed all day long, The Gift Box had itís best day ever and talking to others I wasnít the only one. Customers, both local and visiting all mentioned how enjoyable they found it and what a lovely town we all share.  Magical lanterns for the children, choirs. music, late night shopping, market stalls, free parking, Father Christmas, street entertainers, art competition, poetry competition, themed window displays in the shops, so that you could guess which carols and lots of happy people. What more could we ask for? Thank you Candlelit, I can't wait for next year! 

Dave Cawley reports:  Keeping Dartmouth Special is my main objective, and this shows what we can do, with a 5 minute slot on the BBC local news, everyone in the West Country has seen that Dartmouth is the place to eat, drink, shop and chill out watching the boats on the river!


2. Christmas Shopping


Dartmouth really does have some of the best and specialised shops and galleries in the whole of the South West, if not the UK?  Many of you have discovered our secret, Christmas Shop in Dartmouth and delight your friends, relatives and loved ones.

Why not come down for the weekend, or even a week?

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Where to stay click here


3.   Can you date this photo?

As the title says, can you date this picture please?  Or can you say it must be before 19** because that house has not been built, or whatever?  The Dartmouth Trust needs to prove that the steps on Beacon Boathouse are older than a certain date, they  are absolutely certain they are, and they are shown on this photograph, but somehow they need to prove it.

The trust would really like to know as it is holding up some negotiation.  e-mail me by clicking here.

To see the full sized image click here.  You may even fancy printing it out, it is a bit of local history!

The trust would like to thank Eric Preston for finding  the picture in the first place.


4.   Small News

None right now!

Why not come and visit Dartmouth?



Images copyright Dave Cawley, Andy Kyle & others. 

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