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1.   The Inn Theatre Company

2.   Easter Dragon Eggs ?

3.   Browns Spanish Tapas

4.   Small News

1.  The Inn Theatre Company

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2.   Easter Dragon Eggs ?

25 eggs have been laid by Susy one of Woodlands' exotic Bearded Dragons this sunny spring afternoon. We are all very excited and canít wait to see the babies when they hatch in 60 days. In the wild mother dragons lay their eggs in a burrow and then leave them to look after themselves but at Woodlands because they are so special, Elliott, the Head Keeper, has put them in the incubator to keep them safe and warm.  Bearded Dragons originate from Australia and can produce 4 to 6 clutches of eggs a year, so we may have some more eggciting news on the way.

Susy can be seen with all her friends at the Big Fun Farm in the Reptile House; which is home to an amazing diversity of creatures from Mr Snappy, the Dwarf Caiman Crocodile to Homer our 12 foot Burmese Albino Python, two Boa Constrictors, Terrapins, Iguanas and not forgetting George, the Chameleon are all living happily together.

Thousands of chocolate eggs and great activities are coming to Woodlands for the children this Easter at the 90 acre Family Theme Park near Dartmouth, click here to see their web site.

3.   Browns Spanish Tapas special

Browns are holding another of their very popular special evenings on Thursday 26th March. The theme is Spanish Tapas and for the evening James has brought back the format that they operated two years in the restaurant but with very special prices. Choose from over 20 dishes priced from £2 to £4.50.  All the dishes can be shared and the aim is to try out as many flavours as possible. Here are some of the dishes that will be available: Whole baked sea bream £3.50,  Squid and chorizo stew £3.00, Sticky crevettes, £4.50, Seared beef £4.50, Potatas bravo £2.00,  Tortilla £2.00, Black Rice £3.00 Lamb Koftas £3.50, Salt and pepper squid £3.50.

These events are nearly always sold out. If you would like to make a booking please call 01803 832572 Click here to visit their web site.

4.    Small News

  • Advertising.  For some time we have welcomed any news from anyone.  However if the announcement is from a someone  making money, then it's not really fair to expect us to provide an advertising service for free.  Paying us to advertise your event is just like paying for an advert in a monthly magazine, but often greater value for money and more effective!  We are glad to say that almost everyone we have approached has contributed to the running costs of this service, thanks guys!

    If you use us, consider paying now, rather than leave it until you want an entry.
  • Dartmouth News Our techies are in London end of next week, so it's unlikely there will be any news, sorry!



A trip up the river on the Ditsum Ferry

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