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1.   St Clement’s Church

2.   Classic Craft II

3.   Well done John!

4.   A Rare Treat for Erin

5.   Who are they?

6.   Small News




1.  News from St Clement’s Church

Work on the improvements to St Clement’s Church gathers pace. After an initial setback, when asbestos lagging was found around some of the old heating pipes, progress has been rapid. A small group of parishioners, going inside last week to inspect what has been done, were joined by Revd Michael Macey, back in Dartmouth on a short holiday from Westminster Abbey. The former curate looked around in amazement and said, ‘Awesome!’

The wooden boards in both the transepts were rotten and the floor in danger of collapse. The stone flooring is being extended throughout, giving a greater sense of space and serving to enhance the elegant proportions of the old parish church.

The latest bulletin about the project is being delivered to houses in Dartmouth. It offers the opportunity to help the scheme by donating a chair. These will be similar to very well-crafted and durable ones in use in Ripon Cathedral in Yorkshire, and will carry a small discreet plaque as the donor wishes.  Further information is available from the Parish Office on 01803 835540 or the vicar on 835543.


2.   Classic Craft II

Once again the artists and craftspeople of Dartmouth have excelled themselves with an outstanding display of work in St Saviour's Church. The exhibition is still on until 6.00pm today and from 10.30am until 4.30pm tomorrow (Friday).

Admission is free (please make a donation if you enjoy it) and you can get delicious home made refreshments as well - the sandwiches and cakes are scrummy!


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3.   Well done John!


A Dartmouth chef has just won the approval of MPs for his cooking skills!

Manoj John, Head Chef at the Spice Bazaar restaurant, won the recent Veeti Tiffin cookery competition at the House of Commons and is seen here with Speaker of House of Commons Mr. John Bercow and Anthony Steen MP for Totnes.

Well done John!


4.   A Rare Treat for Erin

Erin thought her Peppa Pig was lonely on holiday. When she heard mother Pig Queen Charlotte at Woodlands had 8 newborn ginger and black piglets she streaked up to the Big Fun Farm to introduce Peppa.

The TV Star was very impressed by the pedigree of the 8 little piglets. The Oxford Sandy and Black babies are rare in the pig world as they were virtually extinct 20 years ago. Once the traditional English pig was found on most farms 100 years ago but declined after the war. There are still only 4 male and 13 female bloodlines in the whole country. Careful breeding by the Oxford Sandy & Black Society has increased numbers. This year for the first time a young gilt qualified for the finals in the Royal Shows Young Pig of the Year against traditional and modern breeds.

Queen Charlotte is a wonderful mum and the piglets will inherit the breed’s excellent temperament. Erin was overjoyed when two beautiful babies actually cuddled up to their famous cousin Peppa. “They weren’t a bit shy or squeaky” she said.

Other proud mothers were showing off lots of babies at Woodlands to Erin and her family. Three Sika Deer mums were fussing over their big eyed, shy fawns. A beautiful white baby Llama had appeared in the paddocks beside her stately mother Snow Queen. Visiting the Reptile House they were astonished by the tiniest and rarest Bearded Dragon babies in the country. “But Queen Charlotte’s Piglets are my favourite” said Erin “and Peppa’s too”.


5.   Who are they?

Who are these lovely people tidying up Dartmouth?  Any ideas?

This brings us nicely to a question of News.  Some have said that this Internet news reaches more local people than any other, it is quite possibly true, so why don't you share your news with us? 

Simply e-mail our news desk by clicking here.



6.   Small News

One Small Step.  Where were you 40 years ago when Neil Armstrong was the first man to step on the Moon?

In the 1969 the pop charts were:  Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival, who can ever forget Je t'aime by Jane Birkin, Space Oddity by David Bowie, Honky Tonk Women by the Rolling Stones, My Way by Frank Sinatra and the San Francisco Flower Power movement was full on.

Dartmouth TV owner Dave Cawley commented  "I remember it well but I was more interested in a Villiers  250 twin at the time!, later when I met Neil Armstrong I realised I should have paid greater attention!"

Why not come and visit Dartmouth?


Images copyright Dave Cawley & others. 

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