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1.  Regatta

 If a picture is worth 1,000 words then here are 31,000 words on regatta captured in pictures.  The big question everyone is asking, is who was the man wearing a suit on a bicycled powered craft, and how come it was so fast and maneuverable?


2. New bride gets rescued

Dartmouth's new bride, Lizzie Helyer, has raced in Tall Ships and sailed across the Atlantic, but probably has never been as close to the rocks as she was on the Friday of Regatta. For several years she has lodged the crew of the cutter from HMS Victory when they come to Regatta for the Classic Boat parade, so it seemed a good idea to accept the offer of a sail. Unfortunately seven foot waves and a wind that caused the cancellation of regatta sailing, allied to gear failure, resulted in them having to be towed to safety by the RDYC safety boat Patronas and the Dart inshore lifeboat after they had come to within 20 feet of the Mewstone.


3.   Small News

  • Did we have a great time?  Yes we did!

    We tried to capture the events of the Port of Dartmouth Royal Regatta and starting last week at the top, following on in this issue starting at the top and finishing at the bottom are most of the events we were able to cover.  There was so much going on that we could not see it all!

  • We don't do Gossip Girl stuff, but Inspector Paul Morgan surprised and delighted everyone by using Regatta to announce his engagement to Caron !  Congratulations Paul and Caron! xo xo


  • Next week we will catch up on the news and happenings in Dartmouth.  If you have any news just let us know by clicking here ?

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Images copyright Dave Cawley, Tony Pike, Derek Guy, Tessa de Galleani, John Fenton & others. 

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