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1.   Tornado in Kingswear

2.   Peppa Pig and George

3.   Room with a view

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1.  Tornado in Kingswear

The Tornado ran from Bristol to Kingswear last weekend.  The Tornado is the first steam loco to be made in this country since 1960.  The government's railway inspectorate declared it fit to pull passenger trains after it reportedly performed "faultlessly" in a series of trials. The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust, a group of rail enthusiasts based in Darlington, raised nearly three-million pounds to build the Tornado. The engine is based on the Pacific locomotives designed by Arthur H Peppercorn for the London and North Eastern Railway in the late 1950s. The famously powerful locos, built in Darlington and Doncaster, were the last of the East Coast Main Line's "thoroughbred express" series. Various examples of other engines assembled in the two towns were preserved, but every single Peppercorn A1 had been scrapped by 1966.  Reprinted from the Daily Mail


2.   Peppa Pig and George

Peppa Pig and George trotted to an attraction in Devon attracting thousands despite appalling weather conditions. Twice as many visitors came to Woodlands Family Theme Park as on a similar wet day last week.

Park Director Pat Bendall who has 20 years experience in tourism said “there is no doubt ‘staycation’ is having an effect on Tourism in the South West” she explained, “despite pouring rain all day the children still came to see their favourite characters. Peppa and little brother George are very busy and expensive characters. They proved that families will come to attractions in bad weather if the event is special enough”.

The leading TV characters from Five’s Milkshake & Nick Jr spent the day indoors at the park and amused families from all over the South West.  The TV Character Days are exciting additions to the Family Theme Park at no extra cost. They are designed to compliment the attractions and indoor play centres already on offer. “It was lovely to see the children’s excited faces” Pat said “The wet day didn’t spoil their enjoyment of meeting Peppa. The characters were worth the investment”.   Click here to visit their website?

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3.   Room with a view

Andy Kyle like of a lot of us, works from home.  However with stunning river views Andy keeps his camera close to hand. The rainbow picture and the mist picture are his, and these too.  If you fancy working here, why not check out some Estate Agents in Dartmouth by clicking here , you know you want to!


4.   Small News

  • Who counted the number of times Dartmouth was said in Gossip Girl last night?  Over 100 we guess, but it was Dartmouth College USA, however nothing like a bit of product reinforcement!



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Images copyright Dave Cawley, Tony Pike , Andy Kyle & others. 

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