1.   Cadet Band

2.   Get Married in Dartmouth?

3.   A Princess visits Dartmouth

4.   New exhibitions this week

5.   Small News



1.   Cadet Band

Dartmouth was treated to a wonderful march and a half hour band concert by a group of the young Combined Cadet Forces staying at BRNC last week.  Their marching and music was simply faultless, and many bystanders were heard to whisper "another Dartmouth moment" !  We would have loved to have brought this to your attention last week so more Dartmouth people could have attended, but unfortunately we weren't told, even though we believe the circulation of our news amongst Dartmouth people is higher than any other weekly news. So why not add us to your press list please?


2.  Why not get Married in Dartmouth?

Whilst photographing the Cadet Band we spied this beautiful wedding.  A quick chat with our old friend Phil Scoble who was the official Wedding Photographer and we were allowed to take some photos of our own.  Not only do we have The Guildhall, The Royal Castle Hotel, and the beautiful St Saviour's Church to get married in, there is the incomparable Royal Avenue Gardens to be photographed in.  Congratulations to Shaun and Kay and best wishes for their future happiness.

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3.   A Princess visits Dartmouth

What a difference a day makes!  At least that's what the passengers of the Ocean Princess thought as they spent a day in Dartmouth.  She really was quite big but managed to turn around on a high tide by the Higher Ferry. The company say on their website " Smaller in size yet rich in amenities this beautiful vessel features an array of onboard activities. Relax on deck by the pool or get a massage at the Lotus Spa. At night, fine fare abounds in refined dining rooms and specialty restaurants, with live entertainment rivalling anything on shore. And this ship offers more than 200 balcony staterooms so you won't have to miss a single sunset."  Err no, the most fun was ashore in Dartmouth, but we all knew that anyway!


4.   New Exhibitions this Week

Two new exhibitions open at galleries in Dartmouth this week.  D'Art Gallery's summer exhibition is 'Friends and femme fatales' by Rosa Sepple.  Paul Reach says "we believe these paintings will bring joy to the viewer, depicting the moods and pleasures of life - which can sometimes be a bit humdrum.  They are magical, populated by strange but beautiful figures that appear to float, tease and flirt."  Rosa herself will be in the gallery on opening night, Saturday 14 August 6.30pm.

Also beginning this weekend, Coombe Gallery's 'Breath of Life - Mending Broken Hearts' exhibition is helping to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation's stem cell research, with silkscreen prints by Sir Peter Blake and John Hoyland amongst others - a great opportunity for collectors and helping a worthwhile cause at the same time.


5.   Small News

  • James from Browns Hotel reports:  white wines, with Sancerre gaining most plaudits. However the most common Loire wine is Muscadet made from the grape Melon de Borgogne. Muscadet can come from any of three areas of which the most common is Muscadet-Serve et Maine. This is the style most likely to be found in your super market.

    Since the late 1994 producers have been able to add Sur Lie if they leave the wine in contact with the lees for a minimum of 5 months. This process, discovered accidently, creates a fuller more rounded wine from the more basic Muscadet styles. Our July Dartmouth Caring wines can be found in the entrance to Browns Bar. 5% of the retail sale price of these wines goes direct to Dartmouth Caring.

  • Jess from The Royal Castle Hotel reports: Book now for our famous Regatta Gala buffet!!
    Thursday evening 39.95 per person
    Saturday evening 59.95 per person
    The best part of our Gala buffet is that the table is yours for the duration of the evening, so you can have a wander around town between courses and really enjoy the Regatta atmosphere!  Also on Friday evening enjoy the spectacular river views with our Regatta set menu of two courses for 20.50 or three courses for 23.50!  To book your table call: 01803 833033

  • By now most businesses in Dartmouth will have been given the opportunity to work with us.  A few have asked if we are connected with, or are we the Tourist Information Centre?  Much as we all love Sue and Jane, no we are most definitely not!  We are an independent organisation which markets Dartmouth very effectively with the use of Dartmouth dot TV which is the biggest website for Dartmouth.  Our aim is to "Keep Dartmouth Special" by promoting quality tourism.

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