1.   Hot Stuff

2.   Is it going to rain ?

3.   A Single Man tonight!

4.  Slow computer?

5.   Small News



1.  Hot Stuff

Steve and Jason and all the crew at the South Devon Chilli Farm report: Our new ‘Extreme’ range is selling very well. We now have a ‘Bhut Jolokia’ Sauce (world’s hottest chilli) click here to see it, and a Bhut Jolokia Mash click here for more.

Rapeseed Chilli Oil. This single variety Rapeseed Oil is cold pressed for us by our friends at Mr Filberts Fine Foods in Dorset; we then steep it with a blend of our hot and fruity dried chillies. This chilli-flavoured oil is great for spicy salad dressings, roasting and frying. Full of naturally occurring Omega 3,6 and 9, and vitamin E, this oil has the best flavour of any Rapeseed oil we have tried - nutty and very moreish - some good bread and a small bowl of this oil is a great start to a meal. Available in an elegant 260ml oil bottle with a very eye-catching label click here to read about it! 

Click here to see their new brochure, then on the brochure 2010 / 2011 link, you know you want to!

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2.  Is it going to rain tomorrow?

Our roving reporter Lydia Guy reports:  The Met Office in Exeter is having an open day on the 23 October for people involved in activities on the water, for example, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, surfing and water skiing.

To discover more about the weather forecasting and climate research, come on the guided tour of the modern headquarters in Exeter, which includes a visit to the National Meteorological Library.

The talks and tour should last about 2 hours 20 minutes, after which you will be free to look around yourself or use their cafe.  Click here for more details. You do need to book now!

Rob Varley Operations and Services Director, Met Office said "Since locating here in Devon from the Southeast of England in 2003, we have seen genuine benefits in terms of operating costs, staff recruitment and retention."


3.   A Single Man tonight!

Tom Ford's A Single Man begins with urgent Hitchcockian strings and an underwater dream sequence showing a naked, toned body drifting and floating – appropriate for a movie about love and loss which all but drowns in its own gorgeousness. At its centre, there is an elegant, nuanced and sophisticated performance from Colin Firth, for whose English reticence the role is tailor-made. However, he finds himself in the midst of what sometimes looks like an indulgent exercise in 1960s period style, glazed with 21st-century good taste, a 100-minute commercial for men's cologne: Bereavement by Dior

Commencing at 7:30pm on Thursday 16 September, in Dartmouth’s Guildhall, the screening of ‘A Single Man’ will be an opportunity for non-members to join the film club at a discounted rate of £8.50 for the remainder of 2010. Guest tickets can be purchased on the night of the screening at The Windjammer pub in Victoria Street, Dartmouth for £3.60 per film, between 7.30 – 7.55 pm. New members can join at the door on any screening night. For further information contact: Clive Osborne on 079-6802-6449


4.   Slow computer?

The Dartmouth dot TV crew were official and registered Microsoft and Apple Developers in the 90s, so we know a thing or three about computers.  We maintain all of ours and build new ones as required.  Nothing foxes us!

However our sales desk computer started to get slower and slower, we ran everything we should, did everything we could, but all to no avail.  We thought about spending £500 on a new fashionable model, but the thought of moving all the software over and the hassle filled us with dread.  Then we thought let's get a second opinion, so we called our friends at Dartmouth Computing.  Heather explained to us that 5 year old computers are struggling today and the cure is very simple and inexpensive.  Heather was right, our computer is faster now than ever before and all thoughts of a new one have gone right out of the window.  Dartmouth Computing is run by IT professionals and you can call them on 01803 834 377

Mention Dave from Dartmouth dot TV recommended you please.  And let us know your success story?


5.   Small News

  • The Guardian Newspaper asks:  I'm interested in coming down to the food festival in October to possibly make a film for the Guardian's website. Would you have any contacts who could maybe help with accommodation for myself and a producer?  Any takers? Click here to tell us.

  • Websites.  Remember we do a simple website for £125.00 all in and this is only £10.42 a month!  We might even include copywriting and photography?  A multi page site is about twice that, but you can usually get everything you need on one big page?  Updates are free too, we do it for you, so no need for you to learn anything.  It's all included including the name and the hosting, nothing extra to pay.  We have seen website where the owners have been charged £200 for a simple update!  What we don't do is to get a site up in 3 days flat, we take our time.  We also don't do e-commerce, that is a specialised area for medium/big sized business. If you are going that route make sure you see several examples of fully functional sites first?

  • Lisa Fairweather reports: Introducing a new 50+ class at Dartmouth Leisure Centre with Shirley Tonkin. Starting Wednesday 6th October 10:30-11:30 am.  This is a fun workout focusing on movement and stretching. The class improves overall fitness, circulation and mobility for the over 50’s.

    We offer a variety of other fitness classes including Hot Cycling, Zumba, Pilates, Rescue your body and Energise. For the juniors we offer a variety of activities and courses. Our latest addition to the programme is mini tennis with Natalie Collard for all ages.  We offer tots tennis Wednesdays 9:30-10:15 ages 3-5, Thursdays 3:45-4:30 ages 5-7 and Mondays 5:15-6 ages 7-11. We also offer gymnastics, trampolining and balancability and dance as courses. Drop in activities include Junior Workout, Rollerskating, Tiny Tumblers and VIBE youth nights.

    Take a look at our autumn health and fitness membership offer  3 months free! Please call (01803) 837010 or click here for more details




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