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1.   The Last Supper

2.   Double the Trouble

3.   Memories of summer

4.   Small news




1.  The Last Supper

After numerous goodbyes from many individuals and organisations in the town, the Vicar of Dartmouth, Simon Wright and his wife Sue, left for their retirement in Yorkshire after last Sunday's services.  Parishioners held a farewell supper in their honour in St Clement's Church, where the choir sang a psalm written specially for the occasion by choir member David Bowden.  We are all going to miss them so much. 
Kevin Pyne has even written a poem for him .....

The Vicar at St Saviour’s

Our Vicar was never too high or holy
To be pastor to the sometimes
"Rascally" people of the sea
As he baptised us, then married us
Or said "kindly hellos" when we were poorly
Then buried us with fine kind words
Full of compassion and mercy

Oh our priest was God's man
And a good man!
In every conceivable way
And yet he allowed his flock
To wander home again
Without "too many questions"
When they might have otherwise strayed

And our Vicar was the right man
To minister to our sometimes
Strong willed and varied community
Because he knew he "couldn't stop us"
But he knew "how to turn us"
And to make best use of all
That heaven sent god-given communal energy

You see our Vicar was more like
An apostle, than a theologian
Because he knew that to catch souls
By his astute ministering ways
He needed a good and welcoming net
In which to entice them
And also that if he cast it out too soon,
The entire catch would get clean away!



2.   Double the Trouble

These little twin lambs were rejected by first time Mum Martha shortly after giving birth. Luckily the tiny newborns were rescued and taken home for some family TLC!

Operations Manager, Colin Baker took the little rascals home to his wife and 2 children Jack & Abbi on Monday night when they were only 4 hours old. Colin commented “Sometimes ewes reject their offspring, it doesn’t happen often but with the tiny babies not feeding the only option was to bottle feed them ourselves. They need a feed every 3-4 hours and I was concerned as they were unusually small. My wife couldn’t believe it when I turned up at home with two newborn lambs; I think she was expecting flowers and chocolates at this time of year. Of course Jack & Abbi were thrilled and with us being huge X-factor fans we’ve named the twins “Jedward”.

With 3 days at home and the twins getting more adventurous and proving too much trouble Colin took them back to the Zoo-Farm at Woodlands Family Theme Park, Devon. However the confident Jedward soon started shivering in the cold weather after being used to cosy home comforts! Natalie, their Keeper, instantly fell in love with the two troublesome twins and wanting to keep them snug made the little ones their very own fluffy jumper out of her own uniform.

Snug and warm Jedward are enjoying showing off their new outfits and are back to their usual mischievous self. “Don’t they look baa-utiful, I think the colour suits them more than me” Natalie commented.  Jedward and friends are now being bottle fed four times a day. If you fancy helping to feed the twins join us this half term, they’ll love the fuss. We can’t wait too see what the troublesome twins get up to.  Click here to see more.

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3.   Memories of summer

Paul Reach reports:  Once again we have received a small collection of oils from the much collected Nicholas StJohn Rosse.

As always, they conjour up memories - sunny hazy summer days spent on the beach with the children. At the time you remember the sand in your sandwiches, the parking problem and the sunburn, but the lasting memory is of the light on the sea, the vivid colours in the intense sunlight and the pleasant feeling of tiredness that comes from running around more than you are really able to, chasing beach balls and runaway dogs.

What am I talking about? See if these paintings send you off into your childhood memories as they do for me. Enjoy this collection but phone quickly if you like any because they do not stay in the gallery for long. Visit us at The D'art Gallery at 4 Lower Street or click here to see our web site.


4.   Small News

  • Jess reports: Murder Mystery Dinner at The Royal Castle Hotel, Thursday 25th March. Join us for one of our famous Murder Mystery Dinners with the Candlelight Theatre Company, where the scene is set for a night of intrigue and murder - as the plot thickens enjoy a three-course dinner! The evening starts at 7pm with a welcome drink and canapés. £34.50 per person. Why not stay overnight - double rooms available from £73.00 per person (including dinner, full English breakfast, complimentary parking and VAT). To make a booking contact reception on: 01803 833033

  • James Brown reports: Bologna Evening - Thursday 25th February.  3 Course dinner for £19.50, including a glass of top rated Nino Franco Rustica Prosecco.

    Antipasta and homemade Italian bread
    Slow cooked Bolognese sauce on tagliatelle
    A selection of homemade Italian styled Gelato

    The authentic version of "spag bol" takes 4-5 hours to make, requires hand cut pork, beef and pancetta which are first poached in milk before cooking in wine and tomatoes. What you end up with is an intense, deeply flavoured dish, quite unlike the 20 minute version we all make at home! Finally, to ensure authenticity it's served not with spaghetti, but tagliatelle!


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Images copyright Dave Cawley, Tony Pike , Becky Wright, Andy Kyle & others. 

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