1.   Ferry winner

2.   Tony Pike

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5.   Candlelit is coming!

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1.  Ferry winner

Mrs Brenda Capstick, from Dartmouth, has won a golden ticket to travel on the Dartmouth to Kingswear Higher Ferry for a whole year - absolutely free. Brenda provided the closest answer to the question posed in the Higher Ferry’s first anniversary newsletter; Approximately how many miles does the Higher Ferry travel in one year? Brenda’s estimate of 17,500 miles was a mere 73 miles off the correct answer provided by Higher Ferry Manager, Kerry Southern.

Brenda explains: “I’m really keen on puzzles so when I saw the question in the Higher Ferry newsletter I was simply intrigued to see if I could work it out. First of all I estimated roughly how many metres it was to cross the River Dart, and then I multiplied that by journeys per day, days per week and finally weeks per year – before converting from metres to miles! I never thought I might actually win; I was shocked when the Ferry team let me know. I use the Higher Ferry around four times a week, so this new ticket will mean some considerable savings for me over the next year.”

Higher Ferry Manager, Kerry Southern comments: “To celebrate the Higher Ferry’s first anniversary we wanted to give something away that would be really memorable - a kind of Willy Wonka golden ticket! Rather than just have an easy multiple choice question we decided to give people a little puzzle to think about. It took me and the team some time to arrive at the answer of 17,427 miles, so the fact that Brenda came so close with 17,500 miles, really took us by surprise. I would like to thank everyone that entered and also to congratulate Brenda on her fantastic effort – we look forward to seeing lots of her over the next year!” 


2.   Tony Pike

We often talk fondly about our professional photographers.  We are delighted when these professionals are chuffed to bits to be featured in our weekly news blog.  So it is especially sad that we have to report that our Canon Professional Photographer Tony Pike passed away this week. He was 72 and left his wife Pat, his daughter and two granddaughters.

Tony had such great enthusiasm for Dartmouth being a key figure in the St George's Society and organising the Thanksgiving event every year in The Royal Castle Hotel with Teri and Gary Larson.  When a big ship came into Dartmouth, if Tony was here we knew he would get the best shot, and he did.  The Dartmouth dot TV crew will miss the frequent unexpected meetings at social events and our MD Dave will miss the endless chats on cameras and photography.

As our tribute this photograph and the ones on the top and bottom of this page were taken by Tony just over a month ago and are probably the last he took of Dartmouth.  Usually we adjust the contrast and the colour, but on this occasion they are just as Tony took them.  You can visit his website by clicking here.  We will miss you Tony, God bless.


3 Poem & Art

D’art Gallery’s Autumn exhibition this year features Stewart Edmondson, a leading gallery artist. Stewart has a growing reputation for his energetic paintings representing the area around Dartmoor. His favourite subjects are found on the moors, by the riverside and overlooking the south Devon coast. His interpretation conveys both the visual impact and the emotional energy of these land and seascapes and he has based this latest collection around one of his favourite poems.

Stewart says, ‘This poem and the way of it, has been with me for many of these paintings. And these paintings belong in this world – the world of heather and gorse and massive sky above Widecombe Vale, the grand moor beyond, down the Dart valley shrouded by magnificent oaks . . . and down to the South Devon coast and its epic, rugged wildness. I love painting in this place, and I hope this comes across through this collection of paintings’
 Click here to visit their website.

Hearing the Sound of
my Belonging – Daverick Leggett

Today I broke the habit of my walk
and followed on impulse
an unfamiliar path
to the hillfort in North Wood.
On the southern slope
the first of the daffodils
had opened quiet as sunlight,
a scattering of blessings
across the woodland floor.
Just this,
an unexpected scattering of flowers
in an unfamiliar wood
and I had crossed
into a new day.
My feet knew better than I the way,
how to break a habit
is to open a new world
bright with possibility.
This was not the day I had begun
it was another, already won
from certain defeat, redeemed
from the old habit that conceals
the newness in all things
the deep down freshness of the day.
An older knowing
led me here.
I had entered
the birthchamber
of the world.
So many days lost and homeless
walking on the surface of what is known.
So many days lost
but knowing the importance
of what I have found
I come home and write a poem
saying listen for the sound
of belonging,
listen for the sound
of your belonging.








Tree knows where it stands
and today I too stood
in the implicate order of things
amongst the wild daffodils
longing only for this life
for this marriage of sun and rain
in the wild garden
for this dance of joy and pain
and the sudden breaking open
of the pattern hidden deep
in the heart of the wildwood
the revelation
of belonging
to this world.



4.   The Spirit of Giving

Coombe Farm Gallery Dittisham are pleased to announce their popular Christmas exhibition showing some of the best artists and makers in the South West alongside new talent recently selected at the Craft Council’s showcase exhibition “Origin”.

Many artists and makers are multi talented and this is evident in some of our chosen artists this year including Exeter-based ceramicist Laurel Keeley who will be showing her acrylic on paper paintings alongside her ceramics for the very first time at this show. St Ives jewellery designer Sally MacCabe is also working on small scale mixed media paintings that are intimate and evocative of her surroundings. Painter Philippa Crawford has a new collection of “art to wear” brooches inspired by organic and elemental forms and materials - and the traditional arts of Japan. These will be at the exhibition as well as her paintings. Resident well-known painter Paul Riley has been working on large scale woodcuts inspired by Japanese masters. These were very well received in London and are now being shown here.

The Japanese theme continues in our selection of jewellers with exquisite “light as a feather” jewellery from Ai Kawauchi. Her brooches and necklaces are made from traditional silk organza from the town of Kiryu in Japan, the larger necklaces, rolled around glass beads have the elegance and charm reminiscent of Coco Chanel. Carol Meng-Yi Yeh’s jewellery also has a strong oriental influence which is shown in the finishes and the combination of the materials used. Betty Pepper, another new designer uses ageing fabric from recycled old garments which she embroiders to create jewellery reminiscent of Victorian memorabilia.

On Sunday November 21st from 11am - 5pm there will be a preview of this exhibition which will include on the spot portraits by Mic Chambers and drawings by Paul Riley, and book signings by local authors - a gift wrapping service is also available.

Gina Carter of Coombe Farm Gallery enthuses, “what better place to do your Christmas shopping than in a beautiful gallery full of a myriad of different presents in peaceful surroundings - bliss!” The exhibition runs from November 22nd–December 23rd 10am-5pm Monday - Saturday. For more information on the Spirit of Giving Exhibition including images please contact Tina Riley at Coombe Farm Gallery on 01803 722352 or nearer the time visit the website by clicking here.


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5.   Candlelit is coming!

Sarah Duggan reports:  Make your own lantern! The local schools are busy making lanterns for the parade for Candlelit Dartmouth on 3rd December. The theme of the lanterns is “Dartmouth” so expect to see plenty of boats and fish and other interpretations of sights in the town. Some of the students from The Dartmouth Academy have created some large feature lanterns for the procession that will prove to be an amazing sight and add to the atmosphere of the evening. It is expected that the swan will need 4 students to carry it.

Any individuals or families wanting to make their own lanterns can come to the open workshop at The Sculpture studio at The Academy this Sunday 21st Nov from 10am – 4pm. All materials are provided free of charge and it’s really not that difficult. So if you want to make anything from a simple shape to an ambitious model of the Naval College, the Candlelit team will be there to help. The fish in the picture was made at the workshop last year. Click here to visit the Candlelit website.


6.   Small News

  • Not only can you go and chose a gift  for the girl/women in your life, have it gift wrapped and be happy, now The Gift Box in Market Street has an on line shop full of lovely things to buy yourself or to get the man in your life to buy for you, click here to see it.

  • Toby Murray reports: I am asking your readers whether they might be kind enough to sponsor me for my latest test. After the success of raising around £900 last April by running the Edinburgh Half Marathon in a Sumo Suit, I have decided to take the challenge further by running the Paris Marathon - although this time just in normal running attire - I don't think I could hack 4 hours in a suit!!!

    I am once again running in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, as you all may well know it is a charity that is very dear to our family's heart and, with Mum (Sue Murray) being chairman of the Dartmouth Branch and myself having previously helped out in various fundraising events for them, it made sense that I run for them again and I have asked for the money I raise to be distributed to the South West Branch of Macmillan. It's always been a pleasure to help what is a fantastic team and I hope I will be able to reach my target sum of £2,000. I hope you will be able to help, it would mean the world to me, Mum, Dad and Macmillan if you could. Click here to donate or to read more about this event!


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