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1.   Dartmouth is open!

2.   Rare white antelope

3.   Galleries week

4.   A serious man

5.   Posh Totti

6.   Small News




1.  Dartmouth is open!

We normally only report good news, and this is, sort of!  Last Friday were were inundated with agencies asking about the big fire in Dartmouth.  Our MD Dave Cawley did an 'on the spot' report live from the fire for Radio Devon.  The press wanted to paint a picture of how it would affect tourism.  Dave stressed the point that the town would re-open the very next day, and it did! 

Although a couple of roads are closed, and some one way sections are now two way, neighbouring traders are helping out those affected and Dartmouth is up and running and as beautiful as ever. 

In fact the Galleries Week party took place that very evening, even though our sprits were dampened a little!


2.  Rare white antelope born at Paignton Zoo

The Kafue Flats lechwe calf was born on Sunday 23rd May. She is the first white lechwe born at Paignton Zoo in over 20 years. Her keepers have named her Sethunya, meaning blossom, because of the hawthorn blossom around the paddock. Paignton Zoo spokesperson Phil Knowling said: “The lechwe are shy animals in a large paddock and she is very small, so she may be difficult to see - but she is white so she does stand out. She is a naturally-occurring curiosity – and very lovely!”

The youngster’s colouring is due to a double recessive gene that only occurs in females. She is not a true albino as her eyes are blue not pink. She has been examined and micro-chipped by the Zoo vets. Ghislaine Sayers, Head of Veterinary Services at Paignton Zoo, said:  “In the wild this sort of thing makes animals an easy target for predators and they don’t normally reach breeding age, so the gene is not passed on. Zoo animals are more likely to survive but if they bred it would increase the presence of the gene. If we ever re-introduced white lechwe into the wild we would be increasing the presence of this undesirable gene. When she is older we will use a contraceptive implant..”

The Kafue Flats lechwe (Latin name Kobus leche kafuensis) is an antelope found in parts of Botswana, Zambia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Namibia, and Angola. It lives on flood plains and grassland. A single youngster is born after a gestation period of 210 days (7 months).  Many white or albino animals lack their protective camouflage and are unable to conceal themselves from predators, so their survival rate in the wild is usually low. Albinos can have health problems including poor eyesight. The lechwe is threatened by hunting and habitat destruction. The species is classed as Vulnerable, meaning it has been categorised by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as likely to become Endangered unless the circumstances threatening its survival and reproduction improve. The Zoo has a small herd made up of one dominant male, two young males and three females. Paignton Zoo Environmental Park is a registered charity. For more information click here or ring (01803) 697500.

Why not come down for the weekend, or even a week?

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3.   Galleries week

The Galleries Evening took place last Friday and despite the fire in town we all had a good time.  Baxters were showing the new style and works of Simon Hart and Trish Thomas had some wonderful jewellery on show.  Mark Riley of Coombe Gallery reported excellent sales and two of his artists are shown above.  Dartmouth has some of the best galleries in the South West click here to see them.


4.   A Serious Man

Director: Ethan and Joel Cohen.  Actors: Michael Stuhlbarg, Sari Lennick.  This black comedy/drama centres on Larry Gopnik, a Midwestern professor who watches his life unravel through a series of incidents… Imaginatively exploring questions of faith, familial responsibility, delinquent behaviour, dental phenomena, academia, mortality, and Judaism - and intersections thereof - A Serious Man is the new film from Academy Award-winning writer/directors Joel and Ethan Coen.

Films are screened at The Guildhall, Victoria Road, Dartmouth. The bar is open from 7.30pm and the films start approx. 8pm.  Guest tickets are available on the night for £3.50 each from “The Windjammer” Victoria Road between 7.30pm & 7.55pm only. No guest tickets will be sold on the door. To join Dartmouth Film Society, or for more information, call Rob Bird on  01803 835849 or come along and join on the door!


5.   Posh Totti

Posh Totti has recently opened in Oxford Street and had a bit of a party last night!  Amanda says on her website " Our second summer collection includes beautiful linen waterfall wraps, cardigans and linen trousers, stylish and sexy cotton stretch Capri pants, in colours to die for, emblazoned with our silver crest, kissing swans.

Super soft jersey dresses, Henley’s, tee shirts and palazzo pants, smocks, and tiered maxi skirts in luxurious cotton/silks and we haven’t forgotten our signature pointelle cardigans, wraps and vests which as you know, make the gorgeous girls and yummy mums look fabulous.

Summer is coming and the variety of colours range from delicate pastels in rose, lime, pastel blue and soft mink, to sharp fresh bright colours in candy pink, green chartreuse, and burnt orangina, which all co- ordinate perfectly with our delicate neutrals in white, dark grey/soft grey and mink creating a great capsule wardrobe for any occasion that is sexy, feminine, soft and flattering."  So pop in and have a look, you will be impressed!


6.   Small News

  • David Lingard  reports: The BBC Countryfile programme team have recently been in touch with the Museum and we have helped them by providing information on the wartime evacuation of the South Hams in preparation for exercises leading up to D-Day and notably of course the infamous Exercise Tiger.

    The programme will be going out on Sunday 6th June (next Sunday) evening.

    Do put it into your diaries and spread the word to friends, families and neighbours!


Why not come and visit Dartmouth?


Images copyright Dave Cawley & others. 

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