1.   Eden or Dartmouth?

2.   From Kevin Pyne

3.   18 Greens

4.   Macbeth

5.   Small News



1.  Eden or Dartmouth?

Last Sunday saw the 11 Secret Gardens Open Day in aid of the RNLI, and what a treat it was!  So many gardens, so little time .... The Dartmouth dot TV crew set off promptly at 11am at the first garden and arrived back home at almost 5pm, having sheltered for only about an hour when the rain was at its heaviest, and having visited all eleven!  Dave's quest to have a cup of tea and slice of cake at each was not achieved! as we managed just one cup with excellent biscuits and a cream tea!  Thank you to all the open gardeners, we've come home with lots of new ideas, and raised money for a good cause to boot!


2.   From Kevin Pyne

When a ship comes over the horizon
With its course set fair for our port
We again become a harbour
And not just a seaside tourist resort

And it has been this town’s way
For all of its recorded centuries
To welcome ships to Dartmouth
Whenever they arrive by sea

We welcomed good King Richard
When he and his lion hearted crusaders came
Then the trade in cod from Newfoundland
Later the pilgrim fathers the same

We also house the Royal Navy
Having shown the world's nobility
The ways of knots and splices
And all the skills of standing a watch at sea

So come all you ships of the oceans
To this our little harbour town
Because to hear a great ship call on her horn
As she heads into our river
Is truly the best of all maritime sounds?

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3.   Devon Craftsman Builds 18 Greens

Generations of Simon Tozer's family have farmed the land at Blackawton in the South Hams. With the down turn in farming 28 year old Simon formed his own construction company. When he was asked to design and construct an 18 hole adventure golf course at Woodlands he jumped at the chance.

Simon, a keen & accomplished golfer, had never designed or built a golf course. The site was on a steep hill which added to the challenge but he was enthusiastic about the project.  “The site is on the edge of the wood” he told us “I felt the course should blend into the countryside by using natural stone and wood. Luckily I knew an excellent stone mason Vic Danbury who could build bridges and walls to the standard I was looking for”.  Simon and his team of 5 local men moved over a thousand tons of soil on the steep slopes. “My design was on different levels using the natural contours of the land” he said “To make each of the 18 greens flat, every level had to be precise. It was worth it because the course is unique”.

“I used natural spring water to feed the two streams, waterfalls and ponds. Vic is a perfectionist. His bridges & stone centrepieces are a strong feature of the course”.  Simon’s baby daughter Phoebe is the fourth generation of Tozers to live at Thorn Farm in Blackawton.

The Bendall family, owners of Woodlands are delighted with the new Safari Adventure Golf course. “I went to school with Simons Dad” Park Director Chris Bendall told us “Simon’s designs were different & his clever use of levels has worked. He is a talented chap and deserves to do well”.

The opening of the Safari Adventure Golf Course is celebrated at Woodlands on 12th August with the Safari Golf Championship. The celebrated Golf Pro from Dartmouth Golf Club and the Sea Dragon are opening the event and are presenting trophies, prizes and treats and Goody Bags to players & winners.  For more information on Safari Golf Championship call 01803 712598  or click here to e-mail.


4.   Macbeth

Despite an afternoon of drizzle, the weather improved for the opening night of this year's Dartmouth Shakespeare Week production of Macbeth by the Inn Theatre Company and it certainly lives up to expectations. From the first meeting of Macbeth with the sepulchrous witches, whose prophecy sets him on his murderous destiny, the production is once again outstanding. Great performances from Vernon Davis and Gina Carter as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.

Dartmouth TV's Award of the Evening goes to Dr Phil for his uncanny rendering of a Scottish drunk!

Macbeth is showing at Dartmouth Castle tonight, tomorrow, Friday and Saturday at 7.30pm - tickets available from Dartmouth Tourist Information Centre, tel 01803 834224 or call in to pick some up. Don't miss it!


5.   Small News

  • Alison Stocks reports: Dance the night away with music by the Drat Pack. River trip, supper and music for £15.00 per person on Saturday 21 August, 7pm till late from Dartmouth Quay. All profits to be donated to Dartmouth Caring, Charity for the benefit of the community's elderly and vulnerable, and by the kind arrangement of Dartmouth River Boats. Tickets are available from Dartmouth Caring (red door opposite the Medical Practice), 35 Victoria Road, Dartmouth on 01803 835384 or Dartmouth River Boats, Lower Street, Dartmouth on 01803 555872. Please join us for a wonderful evening on the River Dart.

  • We had a lot of gentle ribbing last week!  In fact it is true www.Dartmouth.TV is in fact the biggest website for tourism in Dartmouth.  We have more content and more pictures than any other.  Also some Dartmouth businesses have said that they get more results from our web site than any other. And in fact it costs just £4.90 a month to advertise with words, 5 pictures, your phone number, e-mail address and a link to your website.  No extras!

  • This news is a day early to show the Macbeth images in time for you to book your tickets!




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