1.   Lollypop Lady retires

2.   Rainbow garden

3.   Bookshop to close

4.   Life is a Kabarett!

5.   Small News




1.  Lollypop Lady retires

At this week's full Council Meeting, Eileen Day was presented with a Town Plaque for her services as the Townstal Road Lollipop Lady for the past 15 years or so.

Dave Cawley commented "I ran into Eileen often on the way up the hill, she always had a lovely smile on her face, I will miss bumping into her"

At the same Council Meeting it was decided formally to set up a group to submit a Traffic and Parking Plan to Devon County Council (DCC). Cllr Paul Reach is chairing the new group.

There is still a vacancy for a Town Councillor, if you are interested pop along to the Guildhall for an application pack and be sure to return it by 19 August!


2.  Rainbow garden

Stevie reports: 'Why not visit the Rainbow garden at Ash Tree Farm at Twilight.' On Saturday 20th August between 7pm and 10pm the garden at Ash Tree Farm is open in the evening for the National Garden Scheme (all proceeds go to charity).

The garden will be lit by lamps and candles giving a very different feel to the daytime garden.

The entrance fee is £5 and this includes a glass of wine too!  Click here for more and directions.

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3.   The Harbour Bookshop to close

Richard Webb reports: " It is desperately sad news for Dartmouth that its famous and much-loved Harbour Bookshop is closing after 60 years of trading. A town without a bookshop selling new books is like a town without a soul - we all poorer for its loss.

With Andrea as manager and Tracy helping her, it has been the friendliest bookshop I have ever known and no supermarket or internet transaction will replace the pleasure of choosing a book from their shelves. Generations of locals and visitors have been through that welcoming green door to be greeted by a range of new books, old favourites and the magic of the Christopher Robin connection.

My first job in the world of books was working for Christopher Milne in the Harbour Bookshop over 50 years ago and just last week my latest new book was given the main window display - so my connection with the shop has been a long and happy one. I have sold nearly 10,000 copies of my local books there and it will be a difficult act to follow.

It has been said: `You know you have read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend.` Sadly the last page of the Harbour Bookshop is now being turned and I have lost a life-long friend and companion and so has Dartmouth."


4.   Life is a Kabarett!

No its not a spelling error, Kabarett is the German version of the French ‘Caberet’ and on Friday 19 August it is coming to the Flavel, Dartmouth. Peter Reeves and Whatif and Whynot Theatre company present this entertaining performance showcasing the music, songs and spirit of Europe between the wars. The show that proves the Germans DO have a sense of humour!

Kabarett began in Germany at the turn of the 20th century but really blossomed in the 20s and 30s after a ban on criticising government matters was lifted in the German Empire. The art form was dominated by comedians and entertainers who focused mostly on social and political themes and was characterised by biting political satire and gallows humour. These comedians were the Marcus Brigstockes and Mitch Benns of their era and such was the power of their comedy that the allies harnessed it by using it to portray the horrors of the Nazi regime. Not difficult to sell to the artists who had been driven into exile, imprisonment and to suicide by the Nazi repression of intellectuals.

From Kurt Tucholsky to Marlene Dietrich, the exponents of the great art form were numerous and in many cases iconic. The Liza Minelli film ‘Cabaret’ grew out of the real world of these shows. Under the musical direction of Rob Young, the songs, the sketches – all the atmosphere and daring of that world translated into English by Peter Reeves and performed by the team that brought you ‘Flanders and Swann revisited’. Tickets £10 click here or the Flavel Box Office 01803 839530


5.   Small News

  • Alison Stocks reports: BRNC Volunteer Band Concert at St Saviours Church on Saturday 24 September at 7.30pm. Please join us for a great evening, the tickets cost £8.00. All profit goes towards the charity. Tickets are available from the Dartmouth Caring office now between the hours of 9am and 1pm Monday to Friday.

  • Andy Kyle reports:  Simon Drew appears on Channel Four's Come Dine With Me tomorrow (Friday) night at 8pm?

  • This Saturday it's The farmers Market, come along for a look?

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