1.   Galleries Week

2.   White Sails Sale

3.   Dartmouth on the TV

4.   Small News




1.  Dartmouth Galleries Week

Baxters on Foss St will be taking part in Dartmouth Galleries which is a week earlier this year – the private views are on Friday 14th October from 6-9pm. The Baxters show is entitled “Print and Pattern” and celebrates artists who produce original prints or work with applied pattern.

Sarah Duggan reports “We are happy to be showing a group of artists this October, some of whom are new to the gallery and some who have successfully shown with us before. Printmakers include Alan Stones’ black and white lithographs, Gail Kelly’s linocuts on Irish linen and Clare Cutts screen prints and embossed figures. 2 artists will show 3-dimensional framed pieces – local artist Joanne Smith, known for her seahorses with mixed pottery and shell collages and Joseph Silcott, known for his butterflies with layered paper collages. Andy Povey’s recycled painted wood blocks using classic logos, Charlotte Tangye’s boat print lampshades and Katie Almond’s nostalgic collaged ceramics represent the 3d category and complete the exhibition”.

There will be 9 galleries with new exhibitions – why not come and visit?  To see Dartmouth's best galleries click here.


2.  White Sails Sale

Once again it is that time of year when White Sails Gallery draws its summer season to a close with a huge sale. Adam Edsall, the owner of the gallery said, “There are hundreds of items being discounted by up to 75% this year as we try to make room in the gallery for some new artists starting with us this autumn”. The sale contains originals, limited editions, prints and photography as well as a selection of mirrors, ornaments, jewellery and frames. Work by artists such as Richard Thorn, Hannah Cole, Sue Howells and John Skinner are all included. The sale will run until the end of October and there are certain to be many great bargains to be found.

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3.   Dartmouth on the TV again!

Airing this Friday on Channel 4 at 9:00pm is The Hunt For Tony Blair, the latest, long awaited reunion for the Comic Strip crew.

The 60minute film is penned by Peter Richardson and Pete Richens and follows Prime Minister Tony Blair (Stephen Mangan), wanted for murder and on the run. Escaping from Number 10 and leaving behind his adoring wife Cherie (Catherine Shepherd), Tony vows to clear his name no matter what the consequences.

But on a foggy London night, Tony has few friends willing to harbour a wanted man and with front pages demanding his capture, Blair has no choice but to go on the run, with Inspector Hutton (Robbie Coltrane) and his sidekick (James Buckley) hot on his trail. The chase unfolds thanks to evidence gleaned from his ‘allies' Mandelson (Nigel Planer) and Brown (Ford Kiernan), as well as an unlikely encounter with Margaret Thatcher (Jennifer Saunders - a la Bette Davies in ‘Whatever Happened to Baby Jane'). Surely Tony's an innocent man, pursued for a crime he didn't commit?

The cast also includes Harry Enfield as Alistair Campbell, Rik Mayall as Professor Predictor, Morgana Robinson as Carol Caplin, John Sessions as Thatcher's butler and Ross Noble as an ‘old Labour' Tramp. Click here for a preview.

A lot of it was filmed in the streets of Dartmouth as well as the Guildhall shown above.  A few well known Dartmouth celebrities appear, they are in period costume, who you can recognise?   Dartmouth dot TV were first to bring you this news with live photographs, click here to see the news as we broke it? 


4.   Small News

  • Do we love cameras?  yes we do! 
    We usually carry Nikon professional cameras and if not an expensive Canon IXUS.  But there are times when we forget, and the image of the Boatfloat at the top of this news was just one of those occasions where we were without a proper camera.  But then Dave remembered he "always" carries his 9mm thin iPhone 4, and so it was brought into use.  So there is an iPhone 4 image of Dartmouth last Friday.

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