1.   Lazy Sunday Afternoon

2.   The USA Government

3.   Amazing quiz?

4.   Small News




1.  Lazy Sunday Afternoon

No, not the hit record by the Small Faces click here to see it ? This Sunday afternoon we decided to go for a stroll from the North Embankment to the Castle sampling  ice-cream and cakes, followed by a trip back on the Castle Ferry.  This is one of life's most pleasurable pastimes, why not try it sometime soon ?


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2.  Dartmouth man changes the face of the USA Government

Dartmouth dot TV's owner Dave Cawley attended a week long conference in Miami last week.  It was run by the United States Department of Commerce on the future of meteorological satellites.  Dave gave a 20 minute presentation and participated in several discussion groups, resulting in a change of USA Government policy with regard to satellites and the small user.  A special thanks to Steve Padar for his help during this week!


3.   The Lotus Flower Foundation Quiz

David Gent reports: The Lotus Flower Foundation was set up some years ago by Dartmouth resident Liz Mills to find ways to provide education, health, food and leisure activities for children in need in Southeast Asia, and to provide them with a structure that will aid their reintegration into society and an independent, healthy life.

To raise funds for the charity there will be an amazing quiz this Saturday 16th April at St Clement’s Church at 7.30. Come along and have your minds expanded by the question masters Ernie Wingeat and David Gent.  A licensed bar will operate throughout, there are lavish prizes and everyone gets a taster of noodles. And all this for the paltry sum of £10! Tickets from the Flavel box office, or even on the door. Bring a team or come on your own and you will be made welcome.


4.   Small News

  • Remember, almost without exception, photographs shown here were taken during the last week before publication.  They are not library shots taken in the summer!

  • Karen Bryant-Mole reports: Sacred and Profane – a programme of religious and secular choral music, including works by Brahms, Seiber, Fauré and Bruckner. Sunday 8 May 2011, 2.30pm at St Saviour’s Church, Dartmouth.  Tickets £8 (£4 students) available from Dartmouth TIC or on the door.

  • The Bible – in Voice and Verse
    Concert to mark the 400th Anniversary
    of the King James Authorized translation of the Bible in Stoke Fleming Village Hall on Friday, 24th June 2011, at 7.30 pm
    featuring Lance Pierson (actor), Belinda Yates (soprano) and Heather Chamberlain (keyboards)

  • At last cracks are appearing in the Dartmouth Trust as extended leases and reduced rents are being discussed for Dartmouth tenants.  It is thought that the resignation letter of Dave Cawley, so well published on the front page of the Dartmouth Chronicle click here to read it, has caused some of the trustees to have a change of heart.  You can see the trustees by clicking here .



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