1.   Cookery Masterclasses

2.   Celebration of Smoking

3.   Small News




1.  Cookery Masterclasses at Restaurant Angelique

Michelin-starred chefs Alan Murchison and Chris Horridge will be leading intimate cookery masterclasses at Restaurant Angelique as part of Dartmouth Food Festival.

Masterclass with Chef Alan Murchison  Friday 21st October, 9.30am
Join Alan in his masterclass to discover how to bring a touch of Michelin-starred flair to your cooking at home. Alan will be demonstrating some basic recipes and techniques used to create his signature dishes which are served not only at Restaurant Angelique but also at the Michelin-starred restaurants Paris House in Woburn, La Bécasse in Ludlow and L’ortolan in Berkshire.

Masterclass with Chef Chris Horridge  Saturday 22nd October, 9.30am
Join Chris in his Quick Cuisine masterclass and learn how to create simple, delicious and healthy dishes in just 30 minutes. Chris, who is currently Director of The Fine Dining Academy Cookery School, is the UK’s leading chef for nutritional cooking and gained his Michelin-star for his gluten free, sugar free, dairy free dishes during his time as Head Chef at The Bath Priory.

£15 per person. Price includes include tea/coffee and homemade biscuits on arrival. A one and a half hour demonstration and a glass of wine or non alcoholic refreshment to be served during the course of the masterclass. Places are limited to 20 guests per masterclass. Advanced booking essential. To book your masterclasses please telephone Restaurant Angelique on 01803 839 425  For more details click here.


2.  Celebration of Smoking @ Browns

James Brown reports: Food Festival Dinner - Celebration of Smoking - Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd October.  Now is your chance to try the smoked dishes we've been perfecting all year in one evening menu!

Starters: A couple of versions of our smoked salmon to show you how the flavours can be blended to give you contrasting sensations. We'll hot smoke what's in the market that week, hopefully we can get some huss and gurnard which smoke to become creamy and textured, almost like perfectly moist chicken breast. Smoked mackerel has been a revelation so we'll definitely have some of that.

Octopus and squid can be smoked and then marinated in a lovely olive oil like Nuno de Padro with a little chilli and a squeeze of lemon. We'll make make up a platter of cold meats like chicken, beef and slow cooked belly of pork served with spicy greengage chutney and homemade bread. Finally the smoked, steamed and then fried chicken served with the punchy XO sauce at the American Night got rave reviews, so we'll have that as well.

Mains: We're going to try to reproduce the beef that we had at the Bordeaux evening. Lightly cured, cold smoked and then seared. Several tables said that this was the best beef that they had ever eaten. Wow! If we can get close to that then people should be happy. Mind you they were drinking some pretty special wine at the time! We're also going to do this with venison. Game should smoke really well and with the shooting season coming soon, we will have some quail and pheasant on the menu, perhaps even hot smoked on the night.

Cheese: As it's food festival we want to showcase local cheeses. We had 20 at the Bordeaux night and will have another sensational board available for cheese lovers.

Desserts: Don't worry we won't be smoking these!

To book please call 01803 832572. This is not a set menu so our normal extremely reasonable pricing applies! Click here for more.

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3.   Small News

  • Ann at the Floating Bridge reports:  We are starting our famous Curry Nights as from Wednesday the 5th October @ 6pm - 8.45pm.  The Dartmouth dot TV crew thoroughly endorse this!!

  • In this month's Devon Life, page 17 you can see a half page special by Dartmouth News.  We love Dartmouth and we love promoting Dartmouth, any excuse to get our website out to people!

  • We are sorry the news is a bit short and late, but the crew have been up in Edinburgh for a big wedding!

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