1.   Angelique opens

2.   What a wonderful world  

3.   Small News




1.  Seven Michelin-starred chefs open Restaurant Angelique

Formerly known as The New Angel, the iconic restaurant on the South Embankment in Dartmouth last night celebrated its rebirth as Restaurant Angelique with 7 Michelin-starred chefs.

The Dartmouth community including The Mayor, BRNC Commodore Jake Moores, Harbour Master Robert Giles, Nigel Way - Chairman of the TIC, Dave Cawley - Dartmouth dot TV and a number of local business owners were treated to a six course tasting menu cooked by three individual Michelin-starred Chefs – Alan Murchison, Darren Brown and Chris Horridge.

The chefs faced the challenge of not only having to satisfy the local dignitaries and press but also a number of fellow Michelin-starred chefs who were welcomed as dinner guests including Nathan Outlaw, Simon Hulstone, Tom Kerridge & Will Holland. Tom Kerridge said “I love what these guys are doing at 10 in 8, it’s great for our industry and Restaurant Angelique will have a special place in all our hearts.” Richard Pursey, Chairman of 10 in 8 said of the evening “It was wonderful to be so warmly received by the Dartmouth community and we hope that in time we will have earned the trust and faith so that we in turn can play our part in enhancing the town’s reputation.”

Also amongst the dinner guests were Malcolm Hayter, Laetita Hequet and Wendy Powell together with their partners. The three lucky locals had each proposed the name Angelique when the group employed the imagination of the residents of Dartmouth to inspire the new name at the end of 2010. The restaurant's new website was launched click here to see it.


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2.   What a Wonderful World

Yesterday people in Dartmouth woke up to the most wonderful display of sun and beautiful mist.  We have always said that January and February give us some of the best days and never a truer word was said!  Luckily Andy Kyle  was up and about to capture the photographs for us, thanks Andy!


3.   Small News

  • From Kevin Pyne

Oh what a keen frosty morning
See the sun as it comes up
Over the sea
All golden like a jar of medicinal
Clear honey
With the white of the frost
For its new morning company

And did you happen to see
The night sky
With the moon looking as big
And as around as the lid
Of a great golden dustbin
While a couple owls where
Having a right twit-ta-wow
Across the night air that was clear
As a bottle of best Plymouth gin

While “oh my” those stars they
Looked like as if they were
Million upon million of LEDs
All with brand new batteries
Just fitted in

Our little Jack Russell doesn’t
Know what to make of it
So she is tiptoeing across the
Garden so as not to get cold toes
Moreover because a pair jeans
And a t-shirt got forgotten
And were left out last night
On the washing line
We now have some very stiff cloths

Now an artist couldn’t paint
Such a scene if they wanted to
Besides which it will be gone
By ten anyway
But after all the rain we had
Early in the week, it makes such
A beautiful start to the new day



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