1.   2011 in photographs

2.   Small News




1.   2011 a year in photographs

January: New Year's Eve
February: Auction raises £7K for heated pool
March: HMS St Albans visits Dartmouth
April: Bluebells at Gallants Bower
May: Music Festival
June: Classic Channel Regatta
July: The Town Criers' Competition comes to Dartmouth
August: Royal Regatta
September: Dartmouth Market Regeneration Official Opening
October: Food Festival Mmmmmmm!
November:  Dolphin takes up residence in Dartmouth December: Sugary Green opened


2.   Small News

  • So that was this year, if you want a quick preview of 2010 click here?

  • If you want see Dartmouth in pictures over the last six years click here and chose any week you fancy, and then a few more?

  • The Dartmouth dot TV crew wishes all our readers, advertisers and sponsors a happy and prosperous 2012.

  • Many thanks to our staff photographers Dave & Jill Cawley, and to Andy Kyle for their weekly input.

  • Also our thanks to the wonderful people of Dartmouth for their help and enthusiasm.

  • And just a reminder that wherever possible the photographs you see in our normal weekly news are all taken within ten days of publication, we don't use stock photography!


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