1.  Music @ Browns

2.  50 Years of local ITV

3.   Royal Street Party

4.   Baxters travels

5.   Whip Away tonight!

6.   Small News




1.  Music @ Browns

James Brown reports: We will be serving our Saturday Deli lunch from 12-4pm. It's a great opportunity to try our new look Saturday Lunches. No need to book. We will not be able to serve casual food in the bar on Friday and Saturday night. Our full restaurant menu is available in the restaurant. If you would like some early casual food then come early between 6 and 7pm. This will be served in the middle room on a strictly first come first served basis. We still have a few tables left for the evening. Please call if you would like to make a reservation.

# Friday Night:  Ryan Inglis 8-10:30 pm click here for more. Friday night is still Tapas night - we will be doing early complimentary Tapas at the bar as usual
# Saturday Lunch: 12:30 -14:30pm Adam and Celine Do Santos  click here for more
# Saturday Night:  Phil King 8-10:30pm Click here and you will be transfixed! If you only click on one link in this news, make sure it is this one!!


2.  50 Years since the start of Westward Television

The web is full of statistical  information on 50 years of local ITV, but here is a personal perspective from Dave Cawley:
In 1961 most families did not have a car, it was even talked about that some trunk roads would allow travel at 60mph, the almost unbelievable "mile a minute", but this was a dream for most of us.  Dr Who was three years away and murmurings were heard of ITV and advertisements, it was thought that this would be a gaudy flash in the pan. 

Westward transmitted in Band III and most TVs needed a "converter box" and also a new aerial, as the old BBC "H" shaped ones were three times lower in frequency.  If you were with Radio Rentals or Redifusion you stood a chance of a chargeable upgrade.  Many coastal villages such as Portreath in North Cornwall could only receive Westward by "cable" as the deep valleys prohibited direct reception.  This was one of the first uses of Cable TV and nothing like the systems used in big cities today!

The Westward publicity campaign visited 23 locations, many by train and cost for then, a huge £30,000!  As a child I remember being taken to one of the Railway Stations and being given a Westward badge, I was thrilled, and never more so when an hour later I discovered that if you pealed the top layer off the badge, there was a Heinz Baked Beans badge underneath!

We all tried to get Gus Huneybun to read out our birthdays, to give us a few bunny hops, wiggle his ears or wink, but I never achieved that. Many famous presenters did their apprenticeship with Westward.  You can see a fascinating glimpse into the early Westward by clicking here.  Do you remember the days of almost no children's TV, no daytime TV and the Test Card with it's BBC Light Program radio type music? 

Westward lived a relatively short life before being taken over after 18 years, but in the memories of locals Westward will live on for ever.


3.   Royal Wedding Street Party

Christopher and Lizzie Helyer held a celebratory Royal Wedding Street party on Friday afternoon along the South Embankment, inviting all their neighbours to join them for tea and excellent home made scones with jam and cream.  Visitors were made welcome too and donations totalling £115 were received of in aid of Christian Aid in Japan.  Thank you Christopher and Lizzie!


4.   Baxters travels

Sarah Duggan from Baxters Gallery in Foss St travelled to the Isle of Skye in March. Although it was a holiday, Sarah met several artists on her trip and some will feature in an exhibition in May 2012. However, as a preview, Sarah has some work from one of the artists, Julie Whatley, already. Julie, who has studied to Master of Fine Arts level, works in a mixture of pastels, charcoal and inks to create her fantastic sea birds. There are just 4 available, all shown on the Baxters website, click here to see it.

Sarah will have news of Galleries night soon. This starts on Friday May 27th with private views in 8 galleries from 6pm. Why not book a visit to come and see the new exhibitions that will be on show.  To check out some of the very best Art Galleries in Dartmouth click here.

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5.   Whip Crack Away; tonight!

Calamity Jane.  This Oscar-winning classic has Doris Day in buckskins and at her very best - A fine specimen from an age of great musicals! Calamity Jane is a hard-ridin’, gun-totin’, woman in buckskins who lives in Deadwood where she is just one of the guys. 'Calam' just can't resist boasting, even though most of her endeavours are a little disastrous. When a crowd of her male friends are disappointed by the appearance of a drag queen rather than an actress at the local theatre, she prevents a riot by promising to go to Chicago in order to bring back famous actress Adelaid Adams to appear on stage in Deadwood. As good as her word, Calam goes to Chicago and tracks down the theatre where Adelaid Adams is appearing...

Come and enjoy an evening of great music, humour and nostalgia with Doris Day and Howard Keel. Wild West food included, Stetsons optional! This film is on tonight at the Guildhall at 7.30PM (food earlier). Tickets are available from the Windjammer, Victoria Road, Dartmouth, in advance or on the night. Members £3.50, guests £5.00.  New members can join at the door on any screening night. For further information contact: Clive Osborne on 079-6802-6449


5.   Small News

  • Lydia Guy reports: The annual canoe races take place on Sunday 15th May at 14.00 to benefit the Dart Lifeboat and the Chernobyl Children's project. Our lifeboat crew
    are naturally taking part.

  • Chadwick Financial Management are running a seminar on 19th May at Dartmouth Golf and Country Club in conjunction with Nationwide Legals and McClures Solicitors. Starting at 9.30am with coffee it will finish at noon. Topics to be covered are: Minimising inheritance tax; Options regarding long term care and nursing home fees; How to mitigate probate costs. Limited places are available, call Mike Cooper on 01803 834440 for details.



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