1.  Chico and Rita tonight

2.  Why use Facebook?

3.  Small News




1.  Chico and Rita tonight

2010’s best musical and one of the year's finest animated films, this utterly delightful Spanish movie is an affecting, funny, historically accurate and, at times, sensual story of the on-again, off-again love affair between Chico, a Cuban jazz pianist and composer, and the feisty Cuban chanteuse Rita. Chico, rather like one of the forgotten musicians in Buena Vista Social Club, looks back 60 years from the dilapidated Havana of 2008 to the frantic, swinging pre-revolutionary city of 1948, where he meets the gorgeous Rita. A gig with the visiting Woody Herman band sets the pair on a romantic and musical journey that takes them to New York, Las Vegas and Hollywood, through the post-war history of swing, bebop and Latin American music. There is heartbreak, but a happy ending…

‘As Brad Bird of Pixar fame has said, animation is not a genre, but an art form…’ (IMDB)
‘Stunningly animated...Not to be missed by animation, music and history buffs, or anyone who appreciates a good love story…’ (MovieDearest)
‘The drawing is magnificent, with ravishing, detailed cityscapes of Havana, New York and Las Vegas…’ (The Telegraph)

Films are screened at The Guildhall, Victoria Road, Dartmouth. The bar is open from 7.00pm and the films start at 7.30pm Guest tickets are available on the night for £3.50 each from “The Windjammer” Victoria Road between 7.00pm & 7.25pm only. No guest tickets will be sold on the door. For more information about Dartmouth Film Society, call Clive Osborne on: Tel. 07968 026449


2.  Why use Facebook?

Because it is a simple one-stop-shop to keep you in touch with Dartmouth, your friends and your relatives, simples!

Every day you will be able see the latest news, but if you don't want to participate you can just watch.  Photographs and videos can be easily uploaded if you want to, or not if you don't.  Here in dot TV land we keep track of our many of our friends, relatives, and with Andy Kyle's stunning photography.

To subscribe simply go to www.facebook.com/dartmouthnews or click here, it's safe, easy and fun.  And remember, if you don't want to look every day, that's just fine, no one will know.  When you have done it, or if you are a member already, please hit the "Like" button on the Dartmouth News page.

Will Facebook take over the world?  Who knows, but it could in a heartbeat add a search window and then we wouldn't need Google or Explorer?  This is unlikely, but so was the iPod that took over the music industry and the touchscreen of the iPhone/iPad that may spawn a keyboard-less generation.

A bit of history:  Remember WordStar (Ctrl KB), it was thought to be the first and last word processor, then WordPerfect came along with a spell checker and function key template, the ultimate, no; Microsoft Word came along and we now all use that.  But now we have Facebook which does nearly all things for all people (not for business though).  It effectively replaces letters, documents, photographs and e-mails all at once!  It is so powerful and useful that on the iPhone and iPad the dedicated application works in its own right, no web browser, it's just there.

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3.   Small News

  • Steve Jobs the founder of Apple has died of cancer at 56.  The Dartmouth dot TV crew first wrote software for the Apple II in the early 1980's followed by the Apple IIGS for the USA education market in 1986.  Later in 1991 we bought an Macintosh Quada 900 with Photoshop and Quark from the Apple Centre in Cambridge to produce our own colour brochures, life was never the same  for us after this breakthrough.  Today our office is a happier place because of an iTunes music server remotely controlled by our iPhone and iPad.  Steve Jobs was a visionary who has enriched our lives.

  • Don't forget the Farmers' Market in Dartmouth's historic Old Market this Saturday morning.  Plenty of excellent local produce available, as well as the recently opened Old Market shops.

  • The Nauti Buoys will be singing their famous sea shanties in St Clement's Church tomorrow evening from 7pm.  Tickets £7 on the door (children free with adults).  All proceeds are going towards a new organ for St Petrox Church.

  • Join our Dartmouth News Facebook page and read things  you never knew about Dartmouth!  Click on the logo or click here.  Or if you are travelling it's simply www.facebook.com/DartmouthNews  nothing more !



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