1.  With Marguerite

2.  To Burgh Island

3.   When was this?

4.   Small News




1. My Afternoons with Marguerite

DFS reports: We look forward to seeing you tonight for the first film of our Autumn 2011 season.

Adapted from the novel La tête en friche, Germain (Depardieu), strikes up an acquaintance in the square of a small French town with the 95-year-old Marguerite. A giant in dungarees, with low self-esteem and barely literate, he looks as if he could anchor a zeppelin. She's articulate, highly intelligent, frail, and looks as if a sharp breeze could send her floating away. Touchingly, their growing friendship centres on books and words – Marguerite's subtle love of them, Germain's inquiring wonder about them – and the first text is Camus's La Peste, which she reads to him. Gradually, his life is transformed through the experience, and in turn he enriches the lives of the collection of kindly, slightly bruised French types that constitute his circle.

Films are screened at The Guildhall, Victoria Road, Dartmouth.  The bar is open from 7.00pm and the films start at 7.30pm  Guest tickets are available on the night for £3.50 each from “The Windjammer” Victoria Road between 7.00pm & 7.25pm only.  No guest tickets will be sold on the door. For more information about Dartmouth Film Society, call Clive Osborne on: Tel. 07968 026449


2.  To Burgh Island

Paul Reach reports: Stewart's summer exhibition was a fantastic success, as you will know if you attended the private view which was a crush!

As a result we have decided to publish a new limited edition of one of the paintings which drew a lot of admirers.

'To Burgh Island' is now available in an edition of 50, printed in high quality on 300 gram paper and priced at £350 unframed and £525 framed. We have already sold 5 before release so we expect a high demand for this edition, which you will understand if you take a look at the painting in our gallery.

You can see a bigger version by clicking here or on the painting iself.  And you can visit the D'Art gallery website by clicking here.

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3.   When was this?

We found this is a drawer, it's pre the millennium we think?  Look at the garden layout?

Talking of photography, all our photos are usually less than ten days old.  We don't resort to "stock photography" unless we specifically mention it.   We have three professional photographers working for us, together with a couple of very talented people.  What you see is taken by us recently and not last month or last year.

In our quest for Keeping Dartmouth Special we often give our photography away, or charge a very modest fee.

Many people loved our 2011 Regatta photos click here to see them again?


4.   Small News


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