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1.  By the River

Never resting on its laurels the Dart Harbour Navigation Authority have been hard at work in the river this week.            Re-securing and replacing piles and also new fixings for the Dinghy Rack.  The DHNA are clearly firmly committed to the river and its users, well done chaps!


2.  More on the on the St John Ambulance site


Demolition has started at the bottom of College Way.  The new flats have met with a mixed response.  Ever since Vavasour House was built in the 70's permission to build flats has come and gone.  It was inevitable that one day they would be built.  Thankfully the new developers have designed something that can only enhance the existing building.  We reported on this a few weeks ago click here to read it?

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3.   Newcomen Stamp

Royal Mail is celebrating the lives and work of ten prominent Britons with a new set of stamps. The Britons of Distinction stamps celebrate ten distinguished individuals from the realms of science and technology, architecture, politics and the arts who have all made a major contribution to British society.

The ten 1st Class stamps feature a mixture of portraits and images of these individuals and their achievements.  Ours is 1st Class – Thomas Newcomen – inventor of the atmospheric steam engine. Devon ironmonger, engineer and inventor of the atmospheric steam engine, which helped power the Industrial Revolution. His first working engine was installed at a coalmine near Dudley Castle in Staffordshire in 1712.

Of course we have an original Newcomen Engine in the town of Dartmouth where he was born and invented the engine.  Dartmouth dot TV have bought 16 of these rare stamps and we will be offering them as prizes in a forthcoming competition (no purchase necessary).


4.   Small News

  • The Dartmouth Food Bank is now up and running; one final public meeting needs to be held so that it can be properly constituted. The meeting will be held on Thursday 22nd March 2012 at 2.00pm in St Clement's Church, Dartmouth.  Anyone interested in helping with this worthwhile project is welcome to come along.

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