1.  Better The Devil

2.  Christmas Fayre

3.  Living the Dream

4.  30th Anniversary

5.  Small News




1.  Better The Devil You Know

Friday 23 November at the Flavel: The minute Jo Caulfield hits the stage you know you’re in for a good time. Nominated as ‘Funniest Woman’ (LAFTA Awards) and ‘Best Female Stand-Up’ (Chortle Awards), Jo Caulfield is one of the most popular and successful female Stand Up comedians in the country.

Star of Radio 4’s critically acclaimed It’s That Jo Caulfield Again and recently seen on Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow, Mock The Week, Have I Got News For You, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Best of The Comedy Store and The Apprentice: You’re Fired.

Expect razor-sharp observations and scandalous one-liners as Jo asks; Why are drunken girlfriends so much fun? Which hotel has the best porn? What constitutes an airtight alibi? Is friendliness overrated?

The celebration of anger continues with acerbic stories about dating, relationships, bad service, wrestling with a self-scanner in Tesco Supermarket and humiliating herself in public. Come join Jo’s celebration of anger.

“Sharp-witted, urban comedy that goes down a treat. Like a sociology textbook, but with jokes” – The Times. “Incapable of doing a bad show, so sharp is her tongue and so in tandem is it with her mischievous mind” – The Scotsman “Feisty, funny and wonderfully bitchy” – The Observer.  Pop along to the Flavel now and get your tickets or call 01803 839530.


2.  Christmas Fayre in aid of Children’s Hospice South West

Saturday, 17th November 2012 from 10 am to 3 pm in The Old Market, Dartmouth

As Christmastime approaches (far too quickly for some of us!) and our thoughts turn to goodwill and togetherness, Children’s Hospice South West will be holding another of their spectacularly successful Christmas markets from 10am to 3pm on Saturday 17th November in The Old Market in Dartmouth.

On this very special day, residents and visitors, charities and local traders can come together to enjoy lots of lovely Christmassy things to buy at the stalls – cakes, jewellery, art, driftwood, textiles, crafts, plants, preserves, cards, knitwear, Christmas stockings, cushions, candles, wooden gifts, house signs, doorstops, photography – and much, much more! Lots of great ideas for Christmas presents!

This event is organised by the Dartmouth & District Friends Group, one of around 80 in the South West working voluntarily to support Children's Hospice South West by fundraising for the hospice and raising awareness of its work. The money raised from this event will help to provide essential specialist care for hundreds of terminally ill children and their families in the South West.

With only a tiny amount of government funding, fundraising events are essential to help raise the millions of pounds needed each and every year to ensure continuity of this special care. More volunteers would be very welcome, to give any help they can, however little or infrequent, to raise the funds needed to make the most of short and precious lives. Contact Sarah Green on 01803 722340.  Photo above from a previous event.

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3.   Living the dream in Dartmouth ?

If you were thinking of buying a holiday home in Dartmouth click here for a very reasonable one, ready furnished and ready to spend Christmas in !

Peter Lewis, who is Chairman of the Devon Landlords’ Association, a not for profit organisation founded to serve the interests of landlords and tenants reports:

The South Hams and especially the area in and around Dartmouth is a beautiful place to live, holiday or just visit for a period of time. I moved to South Devon about ten years ago as a result of investing in properties in the area. In those days I was a real amateur in the letting business and made mistakes which a kind person, a member of the Devon Landlords ‘Association (DLA), helped me to resolve. I joined the DLA and now am its chairman. The world of Buy-to-Let and second home ownership has become much more ‘political’ and complicated recently and the Government is set to allow councils to reduce or remove discounts and exemptions for second and empty homes and to add premiums to those which are kept empty for more than two years.

Even if your properties are managed, you, the owner are still accountable in law for what goes on. The rules, over the last few years in particular, have tightened up considerably and now you are also responsible for the activity of builders who have accidents when they have failed to take proper precautions and also for injury caused by your tenants doing their own repairs. So beware!

How can you protect yourselves? One way is to join a Landlords’ Association. There are some good regional ones who do not charge the earth (about £40.00 which is tax deductible too) and have close links with those responsible in local government. They will keep you informed of your rights and responsibilities and assist you when things go wrong or your tenants fail to pay or cause nuisance or damage. In this way your investment in this beautiful and tranquil part of the world can be better protected so that you can continue to enjoy the advantages of living in such a wonderful location.

The Devon Landlord’s Association is on 01803 314750 or click here to visit their website.  To see other properties for sale in Dartmouth click here.


4.   30th Anniversary of the CD

It was in late 1982, a mere 30 years ago, that the first CD and CD player were available to consumers.  The Dartmouth dot TV crew bought the very first Sony CDP-101 and the only CD we could buy in town was Chariots of Fire by Vangelis!  Now CD's are on their way out as downloads are taking over. 

Before CD the stereo cassette ran from 1962 and prerecorded ones were called Musicassettes, although all our friends bought the 12" vinyl album for home use and recorded it onto TDK SA90 for playing in the car.  The cassette itself really only lasted 25 years or so.  The Sony MiniDisc really didn't catch on, the Philips DCC (digital compact cassette) was virtually unknown, the Sony Elcaset never took off and then there was 8 track, the less said the better............  In the very beginning there were cylinder recordings and, still available on eBay, the 78's, then mono vinyl, then stereo vinyl and now MP3.  Did we mention quadraphonic?

Vinyl is still going strong though as more and more people realise how good it can be and remarkably it is by far the longest running method of buying portable music.  Click here for more about vinyl.


5.   Small News

  • David Gent reports: This Saturday 17th November, the Food Bank will have a stall at the Christmas Fete in Dartmouth Market, organised by the Childrens' Hospice. Our stand will feature "Posh Tombola" with prizes donated by many of the town's leading artists and galleries. Do your Christmas shopping early and support the Food Bank at the same time.

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