1.   Music Festival

2.   Newcomen Celebrations

3.   The Olympic Torch

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1.  Music Festival

Days before we had rain, floods and wind.  But right on cue the sun came out and shone for the whole event!  For more pictures over the last six years, go to our tribute site by clicking here.  Star of the Festival was the young local band Carbon Chemistry shown above on the left.  This young band have very real talent and brought tears to the eyes of those who remember the 1970's University music scene, especially "Stolen Words".  Click here to hear them.


2 Newcomen Celebrations

Dartmouth is preparing to open a fitting tribute to one of its most famous – and most unsung heroes – Thomas Newcomen whose invention of the steam engine made him the founding father of the Industrial Revolution and became the touchstone that put Great in Great Britain.

Next Tuesday (May 22) at 5pm Dartmouth’s Alvin Smith, inventor of the Searaser wave pump, will set the old engine in motion once again to officially open celebrations to mark the anniversary.

Just prior to that at 4pm (May 22) Mr Smith will be unveiling the eight foot high Newcomen monolith, featuring his name and a profile of his engine. This memorial to Newcomen, is designed to help re-emphasise the connection between the town and the famous engineer on the Norton Roundabout at the entrance to the town.

Saturday 26th May 7:00pm a special fund raising and auction evening at the Dartmouth Apprentice.  Wine, canapés and music, tickets only £5 from Baxters Gallery, the Tourist Information Centre and the Flavel.  Get your tickets now!

The project, which includes a mini-plaza with “Newcomen Engine 1712” spelled out in red paving against charcoal coloured blocks, aims to open up and highlight the main entrance way to the museum which houses one of the oldest working examples of his atmospheric engine. It is designed to underline the importance of this epoch-making invention, by the town’s ironmonger-turned inventor, and ensure it is displayed as a lasting legacy in his birthplace.

The project is being led locally by the Newcomen 300 Committee, and has the backing of Dartmouth Town Council and South Hams District Council, who own and manage the gardens. This year marks 300th anniversary of his invention which changed the world and heralded in the age of steam.

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3.   The Olympic Torch

This Sunday May 20

The Torch arrives in Dartmouth at 11.32 at the junction with Milton Lane and is then carried along Yorke Road, Townstal Road, College Way, Coombe Road, North Embankment, Spithead, The Quay, Mayor’s Avenue, North Embankment, Ridge Hill, College Way and into Britannia Royal Naval College for the lunchtime stop.

At 1.07pm, the Torch leaves the Royal Naval College and turns uphill along College Way, Townstal Road, and in to Sainsbury’s car park on Nelson Road.

At 1.46pm it is due to leave the car park and turn on Townstal Road (A381) towards Totnes as far as the speed limit sign.


4.   Facebook and helping to " Keep Dartmouth Special "

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5.    Life before College Way

The Dartmouth Museum have started a remarkable collection of digitised images, click here to see them.  This photo shows College Way being built, if you want to see the big photo with more detail click here.  The photo was taken around 1969, look how few boats there are on the river?  but click on the photo to see the big version?


6.   Small News

  • The picture of the river with the trees at the top of this news, was taken on Sunday about a mile up the river.

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