1.   Regatta

2.   Burgundy Night

3.   Coati Close Encounter

4.   Small News




1.  Regatta

Regatta Chairman Hilary Bastone reported:  The three days of the 168th Port of Dartmouth Royal Regatta were an outstanding success with the weather vastly improved from the downpours of rain in the early part of the week.

The committee's aim has always been to provide fair competition for competitors and enjoyment of the highest standard for all attending. This was achieved in spectacular fashion to confirm the boast that the regatta is the 'Best in the West'.

We disagree, we think it's the best Regatta bar none!  During the event we dominated Facebook with over 20,000 viewings.  The photos on Facebook are bigger, so have a look?  We relentlessly updated our photography at least every single day and produced some outstanding imagery.    Click here to see our Facebook page.  We have over 10,000 high resolution photographs available for the Press and Media.

To see most of the Regatta photos all in one place  click here (Facebook has the larger ones though)
Thanks to DHNA and their staff for helping us over Regatta.


2.  Burgundy Wine Tasting and dinner - September 6th

James of Browns Hotel, Bar and Restaurant reports: If you like Burgundy wines you will like our Burgundy evening tonight.  We are pleased to host François-Xavier Dufouleur from the house of Defouleur.

There will be an opportunity to talk to Francois whilst tasting his wines at the bar, followed by an optional dinner in our restaurant. We will taste 5 wines including: a pair of bourgogne white and red wines, a St Veran chardonnay, their Nuits Villages and Gevrey Chambertin Pinot Noirs.

The wine tasting and nibbles is £12.50.

Dinner will be a fixed price 3 course dinner at £22.50
Home smoked salmon or Grilled local mackerel
Confit Duck with pickled slaw and sauteed potatoes or steak Frites, Cafe de Paris butter
Cheese plate or Warm apple tart and vanilla icecream

Dufouleur wines will be available at our Off Sales retail prices for the evening!
Borgogne Pinot Noir/Chardonnay £12.99 or £5 per glassSt Veran £14.50 or £5.25 per glass
Nuits Villages £21.50 or £8 per glass
Gevrey Chambertin £28.50 or £10 per glass
Wines by the glass will be served in 250 ml glasses

Call Browns Hotel now on 01803 832572 to book.  Visit their website by clicking here.

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3 Close Encounters of the Coati kind

Word spread that Mia Pestridge of Exminster, aged 6, is amazing with animals. Woodlands, a Family Theme Park, quickly snapped up her services helping out at their Zoo-Farm. With about 500 animals to care for Mia, who has hearing difficulties, found her talent was put to good use.

It was very important for Head Keeper at the Zoo-Farm, Elliott Hamilton, to be able to communicate effectively with Mia. Luckily, her mother Vanessa brought a special microphone for Elliott to wear around his neck which sent his instructions directly to Mia’s hearing aid.

With the help of this device Mia was a very attentive Junior Keeper. She helped feed Coatis, Meerkats and Raccoons, picked fresh food for Iguanas and Tortoises, cleaned out big Guinea Pigs and fed all the Rabbits. She even helped to conduct the handling session for other children, delicately placing animals in their arms.

As a very special treat Elliott took Mia to meet some baby snakes, they have 22 recently hatched and 4 in the incubator due to hatch soon (the Zoo-Farm has a 100% successful hatch rate to date). 15 of the babies are Boa Constrictors, born to Iris and Clifford. The other 7 and 4 unhatched are Royal Pythons, two sets born to a different mother.

Once the snakes are a little older they will be transported to their new homes. Some will go to Woodlands sister parks, Twinlakes and Wheelgate, and others will be sent on to Zoos around the UK or kept for handling at Woodlands.

Royal Pythons are from Central Africa, they have on average 3-6 eggs with an incubation period of about 8 weeks. They have a lifespan of about 20-30 years. Boa Constrictors can bear up to 60 young and unlike other snakes they retain the eggs and have a live birth. They live on average from 25 – 30 years.

Mia was a great help at Woodlands, whilst technology eased communication with Elliott, her calm and careful manner with the animals gave inspiration to the staff at Woodlands. They hope to run Junior Keeper days in the future to offer other children the chance to get hands on experience working with animals.

Woodlands Family Theme Park is open every day until 4th November, from then on it is open at weekends and Devon school holidays.  Click here for more.


4.   Small News

  • Kingswear Regatta takes place this Saturday and Sunday, 8th and 9th September.  Always a fun filled family weekend, as well as the rowing and famous Duck Race, there's also a vintage and classic car display, fete, dog show, live music and children's entertainment.  Click here for more details.

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