1.   Wild about Wildflowers

2.   Kevin does the Olympics

3.   Photos of Dartmouth

4.   Small News




1.  Wild about Wildflowers

Stevie Rogers reports: 'The two annual wildflower beds initiated and designed by Stevie Rogers of  the local Ash Tree Farm Nursery for SHDC (and planted out with the help of  Edward of the gardening team and a couple of Dartmouth in Bloom volunteers)  are proving to be very popular with both locals and visitors alike.  They are on the top of the hill and give a wonderful entrance to people visiting Dartmouth.

The old shrub beds were cleared and rotovated by the town gardeners in March and then planted and sown with a mixture of British native annual wildflowers such as Cornflowers, Corn Marigolds and Poppies and Californian and European wildflowers such as Phacelia, Eschscholzia and Linaria. Essentially the beds are designed to be pleasing to the human residents and an important source of nectar for insects such as Bees and Butterflies.

The Royal Horticultural Society (the ruling body behind 'Britain in Bloom') have designated 2012 to be a year when we should all be 'Wild about Wildflowers'. As Vice-Chairman of Dartmouth in Bloom, Stevie (and the rest of the D in B
team), are keen to encourage more areas of the Town to be planted with wildflowers next year too. Not just annuals such as these at the roundabout beds but perennials too. It is hoped that the town will be inspired by this  year's wildflower plantings and contact us to suggest other likely sites around the town which would benefit from a 'wildflower make-over'. Stevie can be contacted on 01803 712437 or email your ideas for new sites by clicking here

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2.  Kevin does the Olympics

Super Saturday

We took ourselves off to the
Rowing Olympics
Oh my how the rain came down
And yet not to be there would
Have been like missing
The second coming of the Almighty
Or not to have been one of
The thousands
At the Sermon on the Mount
As they too had gathered around

The atmosphere was electric
And then just as the rain went away
The British men’s
Four gave us that first gold
Medal in what was to become
Not far short of a six medal
Miracle fantastic super Saturday

So we cheered like there was
No tomorrow
Even if we didn’t have a stitch
That was dry
And we have never been more
Proud to be British as we sung
The national anthem and watched
Those union flags fly high


And yet the main thing that
Happened was that everyone
Treated everyone cordially
And we kind of became better
Nicer people and turned from
Thousands of individuals into

Just the one single team GB …


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4.   Small News


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