1.  New Year in Dartmouth

2.  Small News




1.  New Years Eve in Dartmouth

Dartmouth showed off once again how to celebrate New Year's Eve with so many people in fancy dress! It was a moderate night with no rain and we all had such a great time. Inspector Ian Tomlinson told us that Devon was a lot quieter on this New Year's Eve including Dartmouth, but it didn't stop party revellers coming out in such style.

Many thanks to Browns Hotel, the Dartmouth Yacht Club, the Dartmouth Arms and the Royal Castle Hotel for such a great night.


2.   Small News

  • Your local fire station needs you! Dartmouth Fire Station is hosting an open evening for prospective on-call firefighters next Wednesday 16 January between 7pm and 9pm.

    Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service are looking for people in the Dartmouth community to be on-call or ‘retained’ firefighters. No previous experience of fire fighting is necessary for this role – the ideal prospective firefighter starts with a commitment to the community, a positive attitude and a good level of fitness.

    This is an opportunity for men and women who live and/or work within five minutes response time to the fire station to potentially save lives in fire, flood and road traffic emergencies. Being on-call means that you provide a level of cover whilst at work or at home and when you are needed your pager will alert you to attend the station. People who can give cover during the day are particularly needed. Many people have primary occupations whilst on-call - either employed or self-employed, the Service has examples of employees in factories, shops, takeaways and restaurants who are on-call firefighters.

    You need to be over 18 and have a good level of fitness and strength, but sometimes people overestimate the levels required and this can deter them (particularly women) from applying. The Service will give people advice and help in preparing for both the written and practical assessments.

    If you are interested please come along to Dartmouth Fire Station, College Way, Dartmouth, TQ6 9NN, on Wednesday 16 January between 7pm and 9pm and find out what it means to be an on-call firefighter.


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