1. Classics Weekend

2. Spring colour

3. The Machinist : Tonight !

4. Tastes of Spain

5. Small News




1.  Dartmouth Classics Weekend  - 6th & 7th July

Classic and traditional boats of all rigs and ages are welcome to this weekend of friendly racing and social events – including a parade of sail.

There will be racing on Saturday and Sunday with classes for all rigs – and a Parade of Sail on Sunday morning. There will also be a cruising programme for those not so keen to race

Dartmouth Classics brings together the first weekend of the Classic Channel Regatta and the 50th Jubilee Race of the Devon Old Gaffers' Association. We welcome all local, Westcountry and Solent based boats to come for the weekend.

The beautiful River Dart and Port of Dartmouth provide the perfect backdrop for this weekend celebration of classic and traditional boats – we do hope you will come and join us.

Come and join this great weekend by getting more details by clicking here.


2.  Spring colour brightens Dartmouth

There's a tremendous amount of work to do in the garden, even in March, and the larger garden that is Dartmouth has a number of beds and planters which need tender loving care so our visitors are encouraged to come back again and again. The Dartmouth in Bloom team is hard at work right now to make sure that the beds look their best.
So, on Tuesday 26th February, some of the team took on the bed at the top of the town by the 'welcome' sign to add a temporary planting of very low cost pansies, and in the centre some forget-me-nots. This had been planned for the previous Saturday, but delayed because of the bitter winds which would dry the plants out before their roots have the chance to become established. “We were very grateful for the buckets Danny Simpson bought and donated to us,' said Melanie Trent, the Secretary. “He must have known exactly what we needed. They were put to use straight away at the planting party!”

The planters on the railings of the Boatfloat came in for that special touch, too. The cyclamen which were there have been saved for the future, and replaced for now by some interesting varieties. Keen gardeners may want to take some inspiration from these exposed planters. The plants have been chosen to be able to survive the surprisingly harsh environment there.

“There's great news on the horizon for another bed at the top of the town. We haven't quite finalised the details yet, and they may need some help with the heavy stuff, but we'll have news very soon of a local youth group making one of the prominent beds on the entrance to Dartmouth their own,” said Stevie Rogers, Chairman. “We're starting to work with so many different groups in Dartmouth, and each brings a special something to the party.”

The committee will have good news very soon on the sponsorship front, too, after complaints that last year's steep rise in the sponsorship prices for the hanging basket stanchions caused many stalwart sponsors to look at their budgets very carefully.  Incoming Treasurer Debbie Morris has looked carefully at the finances to find ways of making the sponsorship far more affordable and attractive to Dartmouth in Bloom's supporters. She's planning something for everyone. Information about the new, simpler, lower cost sponsorship packages will be released as soon as the plan has been approved. As Debbie says, “Everyone has to make the money go further nowadays. Sponsorship has to be affordable and practical or it just doesn't work. That's why some of our sponsors will be able to choose to give us a little time rather than a lot of cash. This year we all have to do more with less money. Dartmouth in Bloom is no exception.”

Why not come down for the weekend, or even a week?

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3.   The Machinist : Tonight !

Director: Brad Anderson : Actors: Christian Bale, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón : 101 minutes : Cert. 15. Drama/Thriller.  ‘Dropping 63lbs for the role, Christian Bale plays Trevor Reznik, a tortured lathe operator and a man whose epic insomnia (he claims he hasn’t slept for a year) has reduced his life to a dazed cycle of paranoid delusion.’

Slowly, he begins to doubt his sanity as increasingly bizarre things start happening at work and at home. Haunted by a deformed co-worker who no one seems to think exists, and an ongoing stream of indecipherable Post-It notes he keeps finding on his fridge, he attempts to investigate what appears to be a mysterious plot against him and, in the process, embroils two women in his madness. Director Brad Anderson creates a film that's highly atmospheric, propelled by a compelling mystery, and in which Reznik's private trauma is made both haunting and uncomfortably raw.

This film is on tonight.  Films are screened at The Guildhall, Victoria Road, Dartmouth. The bar is open from 7.00pm and the films start at 7.30pm Guest tickets are available on the night for £4.00 each from “The Windjammer” Victoria Road between 7.00pm & 7.25pm only. No guest tickets will be sold on the door. For more information call Clive Osborne on: Tel. 07968 026449


4.   Tastes of Spain - Thursday 14th March

James Brown reports: When did you last have a good sherry? We thought that we would test some of the best available on the market at the moment with some gutsy tapas at the bar followed by a massive Paella served at the copper table. The Paella will be served with some salads and punchy aioli. The price for the tasting and Paella will be £15.00 per head.

We will also have some delicious Spanish cheeses and a Spanish dessert as additional options.

To book, please call 01803 832572. We would be really grateful if you could ensure when you book that you are able to attend.  We have suffered recently from a great many last minute cancellations which have made it very difficult and often costly for us.


5.   Small News

  • Angie Cairns-Sharp reports the news from the latest meeting of the Dartmouth & Area Public Transport group:
    Following the successful naming of the Park & Ride buses ‘Thomas Newcomen’ last year as part of the 300th anniversary commemoration, Robbie Lamerton, General Manager at FIRST confirmed that they were hoping also to have the official logo, as designed by local artist Paul Barclay also on the buses in some form in time for the new season as part of the group's on-going efforts to link Dartmouth and Thomas Newcomen. The group are also hoping to do something similar in recognition of the 150 years of the Royal Navy presence in Dartmouth this year.
    The group is also progressing with FIRST the initiative of utilising the Park & Ride outside of the existing season, hoping to incorporate the town service bus, as this could attract more users and would enable easier access also to the new swimming pool. The group are hopeful this will be introduced from Nov 2013.
    The group are continuing to pursue the possibility of discounted fares for students' use in the evenings and weekends and also the possibility of utilising social media for informing people of late or cancelled bus services. FIRST have recently been communicating any problems via the group’s representatives who in turn cascade the info. into the community and this was proving most helpful. They are also striving to progress the possibility of linking Dartmouth and Torbay by using the Higher Ferry and utilising the school bus when it’s not in use during the day.
    From the on-going discussions regarding the X81 and stopping inside the Totnes railway station and also the double decker buses using Duke Street and Victoria Road FIRST reported that from 30th March 2013 the double deckers would be re-routed via College Way except for the first school / worker bus in the morning and afternoon, which would continue to use DukeStreet and Victoria Rd. This change will also enable the X81 to provide the direct link into Totnes railway station.  These changes will be monitored, but have the full support of the town and parish councils and other organisations represented on the group. The town service is unchanged and will be able to provide any necessary links to the double decker services. The only change which is being looked at is to the Sunday service starting (and finishing) an hour earlier to enable the community to link to the Sunday church services.


  • David Bowden reports on the Britannia Choral Society's performance of Mozart's Requiem at St Clement’s Church.
    The beautifully restored Church of St Clement at the top of town will this Saturday, 9th March host a performance of Mozart’s Requiem.
    This dramatic and moving requiem was the last of Mozart’s compositions and he actually died before finishing the work. It is thought that his pupil Sussmayr completed it in the style of his master.
    This is the first performance by Britannia Choral Society at St Clement’s and it is hoped that this stunning venue will attract a large audience.
    The concert starts at 7.30pm and tickets at £10 are available at the Tourist Information Centre or on the door.


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