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   Dartmouth News                 17th August 2006 

1.    Regatta - a car for one pound ?

2.    Naval College 

3.    Clarence Hill

4.    Dartmouth Illustrated Part VII

5.    Dartmouth History web site

6.    Wildfire

7.    Big boat in harbour

8.    Everything we do, we do it for you


1.     Regatta - a car for one pound ?

Can this be true?  Yes it can!  The car you see is the car the lucky winner gets.  Just like last year, no strings no catches.

Regatta is a very special time and the next issue of Dartmouth News will be right in the thick of it.  Best to get down to the Tourist Information Centre right now and buy the Programme

Some events are:-

Grand Regatta Fete, Saturday 19th 12 noon in the Royal Avenue Gardens - all the fun of an old style fayre
Regatta Praise, Sunday 20th August at 3.00pm in the Royal Avenue Gardens
Regatta Sextet on Wed 23rd August in St Saviour's Church 12.30 - 1.30pm
Regatta Organ Recitals in St Saviour's Church - Thurs 24th, Fri 25th, and Sat 26th August 12.30 - 1.30pm
Red Arrows display, Saturday 26th August at 5.30pm

2.     Naval College 


"The BRNC Historical Tour is proving as popular as ever, with new tour dates added to the regular Wednesdays and Sundays at 2pm. Extra dates include:  21st, 28th August, and finally Friday 1st September.

A new walk-up tour of the 'Britannia Wood' is offered on Friday 18th August. 

All bookings via Dartmouth TIC on 01803 834224, preferably take photo ID with you.





3.   Clarence Hill

Residents of Clarence Hill recently reminded us that it's not only Browns Hill steps that has flowers, as if!  So to make you guys happy, this is especially for you.

4.    Dartmouth Illustrated part VII

This profound image from 17 years ago is fittingly the last of this series, we are renaming this section "Memories of Dartmouth" and will feature images from the birth of the camera-obscura until the end of the last century.  So here is the challenge, who has the earliest image of Dartmouth?

5.    Dartmouth History web site

Wally Fleet reports "The new Dartmouth History Research Group Website is now up and running. The site is designed to assist those interested in researching the history of Dartmouth and its environs.

It has been produced by group members in order to ensure that copies of documents and family records from residents, businesses and public services such as The Town Council are recorded for use by future generations. The site has been designed to make access to information and the location of documents as easy as possible using either the A to Z facility, category listings or the search page. Records that are currently on line include the 1861 & 1891 census for Dartmouth & some villages. Burial records for all the Dartmouth churches & the Dartmouth Cemetery. Details of the groups publications including copies of books that are out of print. Other information is also available with more being added as time permits. To view the site go to "


6.   Wildfire

Mark Godfrey invited the Dartmouth dot TV crew to see for themselves what the Dart Marina complex is all about.  It's a big place and it is going to take a few Dartmouth News editions to go through it.  Wildfire is a relaxing and informal bar/bistro with a wide selection of drinks and locally sourced food.  You can while away the hours watching the boats sail by and be pampered with wine, fruit juices and food.  Away from the bustle of the town, this exclusive environment could be the new experience, that like us, you will want to revisit. 

One of our team had the infamous "Wildfire burger, triple cooked chips & yellow pepper relish" it wasn't as expensive as the "word on the street" suggests, worth every penny is our verdict.  And you will never see chips like it anywhere.  The "Stir fried king prawn & clams, bok choy, cashew nuts, sugar snaps, shitake mushroom, noodles, honey & soy syrup" was a visual feast.  Did we like it? yes we did!  And you will too.

Regatta Events @ Wildfire
Thursday 24th Evening in Wildfire- Jeff Massingham playing Andalucian guitar
Sunday 27th "Bad knees blues band" - in The Square @ Dart Marina - 2.30 - 5pm

Click here for the Wildfire website.

7.    Big boat in harbour

A somewhat large Super Yacht sailed in to Dart Harbour last week.  All efforts to find out who the owner was failed, why? who was this mystery person?  Dartmouth dot TV staff regularly attended the Fort Lauderdale Super Yacht shows, where you can choose the colour coordinated leather on your Bell Jet Ranger Helicopter, that will disappear into a stealth hanger inside the boat.  Scantily clad young women were two a penny and rather passé , the "real" contenders had "real live" colour coordinated Panthers on a chain to show you how different their  $100M project was!  The staff and running costs can easily reach £5M a year, so your lottery win won't buy the yacht and probably wouldn't even run it for just one year!

8.    Everything we do, we do it for you

Comments from readers of this news 

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"I live in the Midlands but try to visit Dartmouth for a week or two 2 to 3 times a year as I love everything about the town. I would love to know more and hope that the Dartmouth news will help me in this. "

This newsletter is for locals and those who love Dartmouth but can't be here all the time.  Comments so far indicate that some receiving this, have in fact planned to make an extra visit, this is good for the whole town.

Dartmouth dot TV is a "doing" type of organisation, we don't tell you we are "going" to do this, or "about" to launch that.  Actions speak louder than words, check out the new Index page on our website here . This was changed as a result of many comments, we listened and we just did it.   A picture speaks a thousand words, our pages are covered with beautiful imagery, yes we have image galleries, but we believe a stroll through Dartmouth dot TV should be exciting and encourage visitors to come and stay.

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