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1st June 2006


1.    Open Galleries night, more paintings and wine than ever

2.    Ben Levin's film archive  from the Second World War, it's Dartmouth Jim: but not as we know it


3.    The Film Society TONIGHT, a barrel load of new films for not much money


4.    9 Days of Art, open your gallery or home studio to the public ?


5.    Your own website? did we say just 150 all in and you don't have to do a thing ?


6.    HMS Cornwall visits, a boat full of happy shiny people


7.    Dartmouth's outdoor heated swimming pool is open, could this be in the Mediterranean ?



1.    Open Galleries night

This was truly another "Dartmouth Moment"  Nearly every Gallery was open during the evening with wine and soft drinks flowing freely !  Many locals were heard to say "it's ages since I was in here, we must come back next week to buy the present for ..."    A big thank you to the galleries for the wine, and a big thank you to the people of Dartmouth who turned this into such a nice evening.

2.    Ben Levin's film archive of Dartmouth from the Second World War


In an absolutely packed Guildhall, Ben proceeded to show previously unseen footage of Dartmouth during the Second World War.  Organised by Richard Rendle shown here with Ben Levin, the Old Dartmouthians turned out in style, a few were heard to say "I haven't been here since Any Questions"  was that 20 years ago ?  The final film will be available at the Museum in a few months.  Dartmouth dot TV hopes to have some stills from it as well.


Ben came to Dartmouth in the early eighties, fell in love with the town and has been coming back ever since.  Ben recently perused the USA Military Film Library to get hold of this film, thanks Ben !


Don't forget D Day Memorial Day on Tuesday the 6th of June 12:00 midday on the Embankment at the memorial !




3.    The Film Society TONIGHT !


Rob Bird reports that if you come to the Guildhall tonight (7:30 for 8:00) and pass over just 12.50 you can see this and well over a dozen other new films on their truly huge new screen with Dolby Surround sound.  If you haven't been before, come along just for the one film (cheaper), have a glass of wine, meet old friends.  Tonight is "Everything is Illuminated" staring Elijah Wood


Plot Outline: A young Jewish American man endeavours to find the woman who saved his grandfather during World War II, in a Ukrainian village that was ultimately razed by the Nazis, with the help of a local who speaks weirdly funny broken English. (vi

4.    9 Days of Art


Any Dartmouth Artists interested in taking part in 9 Days of Art, the South Hams Open Studio event this Autumn, 21-29 October (to coincide with half term), please come to a meeting at the Flavel, on Wednesday, June 14th, at 7.00pm in the Green Room.

This is a chance to open your studio or home and sell your work directly to the public, with professional artists showing alongside newcomers.


9 Days of Art is sponsored by South Hams District Council and is working in conjunction with South Hams Arts Forum.

The exhibition space at the Flavel will be used for Dartmouth artists during the event so come along and say how you would like it to be used.


For further information contact:


Janet Mitchell, 9 Days of Art Coordinator: tel. 01803 847 861


Lenna Matthews,Chair of South Hams Arts Forum: tel.01548 856 070

5.    Your own website ?


Many companies offer your own web site, but you could end up registering your own domain, signing up to a contract and then just getting a holding page !  Now for just 150 we will do everything, we will register www.YourB& with obviously the name of your establishment, we will put in the photographs and we will put in the words, so you just sit back and admire the end result.  If you have a domain name, but no web site, for the same price we will do it all for you.  If you currently advertise and pay extra for an "additional page" on any other web site, consider just giving your new web site address instead, you save money, get the same or better exposure and have your own dedicated web site to boot !

6.    HMS Cornwall visits

In huge style HMS Cornwall a 500 foot Type 22 Frigate arrived in Dartmouth for a long weekend.  Spectacularly illuminated after dark, boatloads of thirsty staff flooded the pubs at night, well certainly in the DA where we were sneaking a 12" fully loaded Pizza !



7.    Dartmouth's outdoor heated swimming pool now open

Taken on Tuesday, this photograph shows you how inviting the Heated Open Air Swimming Poll can be, it's open until the end of August, come now whilst the weather is good !







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