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   Dartmouth News                 26th October 2006 

1.    Is Dartmouth the most haunted town in Devon?

2.    9 days of art - 3 ⅓ days to go!

3.    Monster found in Townstal Community Hall

4.    Operation Christmas Child

5.    Galleries Evening  - the photos

6.    Memories of Dartmouth

7.    News from Dartmouth dot TV


1.     Is Dartmouth the most haunted town in Devon?

Richard Webb reports: A new book is being published this Hallowe`en entitled Dartmouth Ghosts & Mysteries which could prove this to be the case. “There is no more direct link with the past than seeing a ghost, and the Dartmouth area – already renowned for its rich history and heritage of early architecture – offers generous opportunities for supernatural sightseeing.” So begins Ken Taylor`s exploration of ghosts, witches, ley lines, UFOs, sea monsters and more in and around Dartmouth, Devon.

Valerie Wills lives in Dartmouth and her work will be the subject of a special exhibition at The Flavel, Dartmouth to coincide with publication.

Some of the subjects covered in Dartmouth Ghosts & Mysteries include: · Ghostly ferry passengers · Church monks · Elizabethan ghosts  · The Civil War · Highwayman in black · The living dead · Poltergeists · Haunted pubs · Naval ghosts · World War II mysteries · Exorcisms · Magical charms · Witches, ancient and modern · Spirit of the Dart · The Green Man · UFOs · Ley Lines · The South Hams Star · Vampires · Giants · Sea Serpents.

Ken Taylor will be signing copies of his new book at The Harbour Bookshop, Dartmouth at 12 noon next Tuesday 31st October (Hallowe`en).

2.      3 days to go!

Inka Gabriel Dittisham Jenny Wynne-Jones  Dittisham Christian Parkes The Flavel

Coombe Farm Gallery  Dittisham

Joan Cawley The Flavel

With only 3 days to go, you really need to go to the Flavel and all the other places in South Hams.  Visit artists in their own homes, chat about colour in Studios, and have such a unique and pleasurable experience, did we mention Christmas Shopping ?  Here are some of the places the Dartmouth dot TV crew visited.

3.    Monster found in Townstal Community Hall

A Children's Fun Day was held at Townstal Community Hall to raise awareness of the planned new Dartmouth Children's Centre. Seawood the Sea Dragon left his Empire at Woodlands Leisure Park to attend and had a great time with children of all ages.

As youngsters enjoyed the Teddy Bears Picnic with Seawood, Dani de Beaumont and Tania Skinner discussed the development of the new centre with parents.

Lots of the children said they will be going to Woodlands  to see the new baby Llama, he looks so cute with very long eyelashes; whilst there they will be able to join in the Halloween Spookytacular on Saturday 28th, or the Firework Festival on the 4th November where there will be a Jurassic Inferno bonfire, Jazz band, BBQ and entertainers. Seawood will not be allowed to attend that event as he can get a bit too enthusiastic when playing with fire.

4.    Operation Christmas Child

Heather Robinson is again appealing for folks to donate a gift-filled decorated shoebox for a needy child – boy or girl aged 2-4, 5-9 or 10-14 years.  As in past years, they will probably go to an Eastern European country where many children still experience appalling poverty. Rachael Hunt of Country Fayre Health shop in the Palladium Arcade is again the official ‘drop off’ point for completed boxes. Leaflets are available from Rachael, the porches of St Saviour’s and St Clement’s churches, and the Dartmouth Library.

If you cannot make up a whole box but would like to donate items for boxes, such as: non-liquid toiletries, stationery, sweets, hats, gloves or mittens, girls’ hair accessories, clip-on-earrings, small toys, balls, playing cards etc – they can be left at Country Fayre. The pleasure that each item gives to the recipient child cannot be measured. Most of them have never received a gift before, and these “boxes of love” show them that they are not forgotten.

5.   Galleries Evening  - the photos

Didn't we all have a lovely evening?  Great wine, old friends, art in bucketfuls, presents, and a time to catch up on the eclectic 'art scene' in Dartmouth, oh and even more art....  Thanks to the following Galleries who entertained and inspired us:

6.   Memories of Dartmouth

It's Foss Street Jim, but not as we know it!    James T Kirk said this in Star Trek series one, episode eight, 18 minutes in?

This image is taken from the huge book "The Chronicles of Dartmouth"  The stunning tome was the winner of "The Devon Book of The year 2000" and covers Dartmouth from 1854 - 1954 in nearly 300 very big pages. 

Whilst you are checking out the Dartmouth Ghosts & Mysteries book next Tuesday in the Harbour Bookshop, ask to see this, it would make a lovely Christmas present for someone you love.



7.   News from Dartmouth dot TV


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