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   Dartmouth News                 31st August 2006 


1.    Regatta

2.    The Government Inspector

3.    Memories of Dartmouth

4.    Another scam on accommodation providers

5.    In the paper again

6.    Royal Castle Hotel saves Dartmouth Dot TV's bacon

7.    Everything we do, we do it for you


1.     Regatta

These are some of the memorable images of Dartmouth Royal Regatta 2006.  Everyone we spoke to had a great time.  Chief Inspector Paul Morgan, Town Mayor Iris Pritchard and Sam Elsdon (photo middle left) kept the town in safe hands.  So now it's New Years Eve to look forward to, then Music Festival!

 Regatta images

Early Regatta 21 August 2006   Regatta Special 25 August 2006    Images 31st August 2006

Regatta Air Display  2006             Regatta Home Page

2.   The Government Inspector

The play is set in a country town, far from the capital, where a penniless traveller drifts into town and finds himself mistaken for a top-ranking government official. Being totally unprincipled and spotting an opportunity of raising some cash (not to mention impressing some classy women), he plays along with the confusion. Unwittingly, he rumbles the Mayor and his cronies, demolishing their facade of respectability and revealing corruption, greed and hypocrisy on a scale that even he finds hard to stomach.

Not connected in any way with Dartmouth Town Council!  Sheila Johnston reports "We are putting on a play at Fingals Hotel in Dittisham 01803 722398 on Saturday 2nd September"  Sounds like a good laugh, see you there ?


3.    Memories of Dartmouth

Dartmouth in 1670 from an image kindly supplied by Barry Morris.

4.    Another scam on accommodation providers

Rachael Doyle reports "I was suspicious when I received this email so I did a Google search and it is a scam. Just thought you may like to warn other owners. There is a lot of this type of scam going around now and they tend to be along these lines and want to pay in euros or US dollars."

Hi, I am Greg McBain, an agent of Coral Agency, London. I need to book accommodation for a group of tourists coming into your country. They would like to stay at your self catering / cottage from October 19th to 29th, 2006 (10 nights). If the dates requested are available, could you please reply to me stating your group rates in euros or US$.  Thank you.  G. McBain

5.   In the paper again

Whilst photographing the Review of Classic Craft, our 18 year old Boston Whaler was somewhat rudely hailed by a yacht behind us, we pulled over to witness the very same yacht crash straight into a small boat!

We sent the images to the Herald Express who ran the story and the image on Wednesday page 2, with a nice plug for

We had three Nikon Approved Professional Photographers helping during Regatta, Colin Cadle who took the Red Arrows cross over image, Dave Cawley who exhausted all around him by insisting photography was more important that eating, and Ken Guest who took a more leisurely approach.

6.    Royal Castle Hotel saves Dartmouth Dot TV's bacon

On Monday after Regatta, the Dartmouth dot TV crew arrived at the Cherub Inn for a beer and a steak.  We handed over our credit card, and said we wanted to eat later, as you do;  but sadly, after a few pints we were bluntly told "no food" was available.  A quick call to the Castle Hotel and we were revelling in steak and lots of chips, thanks guys, you saved our bacon!


7.    Everything we do, we do it for you

Avis car hire once had a slogan Because we are number two we try harder!  and it's the same with Dartmouth dot TV, take a look at the three web sites covering Dartmouth, go to Google and try these key words  "Dartmouth bed and breakfast"   "Dartmouth self catering"  "Accommodation in Dartmouth"  "Dartmouth Accommodation" and you will find we are right up there on the first page, it may not look like Dartmouth dot TV, but imagine you are the holidaymaker, click on the heading that is the very same as the search words you put in, and in fact it is Dartmouth dot TV after all.  If you only get another four or five weeks bookings it would be worth coming to us, basic entries are free.

Be part of Dartmouth dot TV and be part of Dartmouth


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