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   Dartmouth News                 4th January 2007 

1.    New Year Eve Celebrations

2.    Ladies rowing on Boxing Day

3.    The Natural History of the River Dart

4.    2006 in pictures

5.   Happy New Year from Kevin Pyne

6.    Small News



1.   New Year Eve Celebrations

As usual Dartmouth celebrated in style and Fancy Dress.  Thanks to photographers Kevin Pyne, Dave Cawley and Clive from Avondale.  Book now for next year?  For Self Catering click here,  for B&B click here
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2.     Ladies rowing on Boxing Day

Yes, Boxing Day on the Dart, does life get any better?




3.   The Natural History of the River Dart

Philip Charlesworth reports: The next meeting of the Dartmouth & Kingswear Society, on Tuesday 9th January, at 7.00 for 7.30pm in the Flavel, will be a talk on "The Natural History of the River Dart" by Gordon Waterhouse. Gordon is well known for his nature column in the Dartmouth Chronicle and has given us two fascinating talks on this subject already. The third and final talk in the series will deal with the river from Staverton to the source and as before, will be illustrated by Bryan Asby's wonderful photographs. Our events are open free of charge to members and friends of the Society and wine and soft drinks are available before the formal start of the meeting.

4.     2006 in pictures

What a fantastic year!  We took over 4,000 photographs, a great time was had by all.
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5.    Happy New Year from Kevin Pyne

Lost footprints in the winter snow

Where is the old year gone?
Please do tell me if you know
For it would seem all that was new
Is now old and lost
Like footprints in last winters snow

Then what shall we say?
As the old town clock strikes
And heralds in the New Year
With twelve great chimes all in a row
We shall say “the old year is gone on away from us
Like footprints in last winter’s snow”

And what shall we say as those we love sing
Auld Langsyne
We say to ourselves
“Shall we be lucky enough to hear?
That self same town clock strike twelve
In another twelve month’s time!”

A baby is born and crosses the river
Whilst the old town hearse passes the other way
For life and death they pass each other
So closely
Each and every day

And when it comes their time to depart
Not a mortal man will ever know
For we are to be lost as all our townsfolk are lost
Like footprints in last winters snow

The sun comes up and cuts across the river as it ebbs
Away out into the bay
And treats us all with glorious indifference
As it goes upon its New Years way

For we may live and we may love
Until only our god will know
And it is we will become nothing more
And we are lost like footprints in last winter’s snow

The town of my birth changes little, people come, people go, as if lost footprints in last winter’s snow.

© Kevin Pyne (Seafarer and Poet)

6.     Small News

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