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Advertising on

1.  All basic Directory Listings are completely FREE  
All we expect in return is that you put a small card we supply in your window saying "See our business on TV" and provide a link from your website to ours. 
Rates & details

2.  Why have a PlusPage or Web Site ? 
Well, it's a much bigger advert, you can list the web address in your own brochure, you can save money on other web sites by simply getting them to point  to it.  So you get everything in one go, and for not much money !  So never pay for a bigger advert in any publication or web site, just refer to your one and only professional design, more money for you, and a better image to boot! Rates & details

3.  Extra promotion with a 'Plus' Page
Whether you have your own website or not you can gain further promotional exposure by using an exclusive
'PlusPage'  for promoting accommodation, activities, shops, galleries and restaurants Rates & details

4.  Your own website
If you don't have your own web site, or you have one and are unhappy with it, or even unable to update it, take one from us, we do everything.  We register your address, we host it, we design it, and we look after it for you.  If you don't want to, you needn't do anything at all.  We can take the photographs and write the description, so all you have to do, is to give out the address to customers, like but with your name instead.  Rates & details


5.  Display Advertising
Eye-catching Static Display ads run down the left side of every main page.  Pricing is low and the same for every page so it's 'first come first served' and early advertisers will get the best choice. Rates & details

Design integrity is very important to us, so we prefer to create your advertisement in our own studio.  Design and artwork fees are minimal and we have our own creative photography service in-house.

Contact us right away if you'd like to register an interest and please keep your eyes on this site to see who else is advertising!

Example of a PlusPage  for accommodation or PlusPage  for a restaurant and a  Website for Accommodation which is

Rates & details


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