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Dave and Jill near the top of a misty Mount Fuji

Dave is an active Town Councillor and was Chairman of Corporate Property for six years and is now Deputy Mayor. Jill is the Church Secretary in Dartmouth Devon England. 

Dave and Jill are passionate about cats, a home without a cat, is simply not a home they will tell you!   Dave once said  "2 cats are 4 times the trouble of 1 cat",  however we now have 5 Maine Coons!!

They love Jane Turner and her cats of 'Dotcom Maine Coons' and you can visit her website by clicking here.


Dave will produce you a website like this for just 150 or $275, or brighten up your old site.  He will do everything you want, register the name, host the site, design the site and even update it if you send digital photos by e-mail, all this included in the price, no more to pay!! Nothing could be easier.  The same goes if you have an old and tired web site, you can even choose a style and colour scheme.  Contact Dave by clicking here.

Dave and Jill's other love is the beautiful town of Dartmouth England, if you have enjoyed this site, and we hope you have, take a look at Dartmouth by clicking here.


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